WHY? Wouldn’t you listen to “Moh Lhean”?


WHY?, a band formed in Berkeley, Calif. over a decade ago, released their latest album, “Moh Lhean,” Friday, March 3, through Joyful Noise Recordings.

The heavy hand of American narrative guides the album’s lyrics, but sonically the album combines instrumentation that reflects typical indie and alternative rock with singing that feels ritualistic, like ancient chanting or poetry. This poetic influence is reinforced with tracks that lack choruses or have very subdued choruses.

Track “Easy” will be relatable to students used to the bizarre phenomenon of going and coming from home during vacation weeks, touting lyrics such as “And you’re stuck in Indiana a second day/On your way back to Cinci for winter break.”

This album explores details of contemporary life while maintaining indie rock riffs to dance or sing along to, and as such I rate it 10 casual cups of coffee—one for every poetically detailed and existentially venturesome track.

If you listen to WHY? and enjoy what you hear, catch their Treefort set at El Korah Shrine on March 23 at 11:30 p.m.


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Darby Ebeling is a philosophy and creative writing student at Boise State University. She enjoys her job as copy editor and music columnist for Boise State Student Media and is committed to informing the public about creative community members.

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