What has ASBSU done this year?

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Kaleb Smith is the Associated Students of Boise State (ASBSU) President and will be returning to his position next year. The president oversees all legislation, code and regulations adopted by ASBSU.

“I’m satisfied with how we operated this year and I think that I, myself, and ASBSU as an organization can improve a lot. But I think this past year was a good turning point,” Smith said. “I’m happy with where I’m at because I have the relationships, I know the process and I feel like next year is going to be way more efficient.”

Smith discussed how all of ASBSU worked together to accomplish different tasks, and he was able to meet people that can help in the future.

Vice President

Vice President Emily Rembert is not returning to her position next year. The vice president is the head and representative of the student assembly.

“I feel like we’ve done a really good job this year of organizing, and all of our

bills, resolutions, agendas, all of that’s been uploaded onto the website. So it’s been really transparent,” Rembert said. “One of the biggest accomplishments this year was the food pantry, and I couldn’t have done it without my team that helps me stock every week.”

Rembert also worked with staff this year at the Student Union Building to make it easier to reserve rooms for ASBSU’s needs.

Chief of Staff

Angela Aninon is the Chief of Staff and will not be returning to her position next year. The chief of staff does a lot of internal work, including the recording and dissemination of minutes from ASBSU meetings.

“For my position, having that mindset that a lot of these things need to be communicated better with the administration that’s receiving them and making sure that resolution bills are being communicated to people that need them,” Aninon said.

Vice President of Inclusive Excellence

Esperansa Gomez is the Vice President of Inclusive Excellence (VPIE), and will not be returning to her position next year. The Vice President of Inclusive Excellence works with the executive council to advise decisions based on ideas and values of the Inclusive Excellence Student Council.

“What we did this year was a lot of internal work. So, starting to normalize and facilitating conversations at assembly that wouldn’t have happened before,” Gomez said.

Other projects Gomez has started, and hopes the next VPIE will continue, are acquiring a multi-faith space, doctor’s notes not being a requirement and continuing to educate people on the last girl framework.

Government Relations Officer

The government relations officer, Jackson Blackwell, will not be returning next year.

“I believe that this year, my team and I have accomplished so much and our biggest accomplishment was Day at the Capitol,” Blackwell said. “It was a huge success this year for students to meet with different legislators.”

Blackwell hopes that the next person that takes over his position will continue to focus on connecting Boise State campus with the local government.

Secretary of Academic Affairs

Secretary of Academic Affairs Mikayla Melchert will be passing her role on and will be returning as the Vice President for the next school year. The secretary of academic affairs is the only student to sit on the faculty senate, representing the student body.

This year, I have advocated immensely for open educational resources. We created presentations for the OpenEd18 conference and presented there to many staff, faculty and librarians from across the world,” Melchert wrote in an email.

Ethics Officer

Reegan Jacobson is the ethics officer and will be returning next year in the same position. The ethics officer works to rewrite code for different policies that affect the student body.

“From the very beginning, that’s kind of what my goal was to do by the end of the year, was go through every (code) document and be able to update everything,” Jacobson said. “To get all the stuff that we don’t use anymore out, and then get all the new stuff in. And so far, I finished all of it.”

Secretary of Student Organizational Affairs

The secretary of student organizational affairs, Michael Gentile, will not be returning next year. Gentile worked with Ethics Officer Jacobson to create a deadline in financial code so that students would be able to utilize the unused funds.

“Thanks to those deadlines, normally the funding world runs out of money in January or February, but we’ve had money,” Gentile said. “We still have money right now because it’s been coming back to us, because clubs won’t use the funds and then other clubs then can use it.”


Correction made May 1, 2019 at 11:01am: A quote from Blackwell was stated as to have met with legislatures and has been corrected to state “legislators.” The quote has since been correctly written.


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