Two resources to help students succeed this semester

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As students hustle to class after class, details can be easy to miss. Entire buildings can disappear in the blur of their peripherals. Unless they find themselves wandering campus recreationally, some students never quite come in contact with some of Boise State’s most helpful programs designed to help them succeed.

Accessible to all students at Boise State, the Advising and Academic Support Center (AASC) is located at the Simplot Micron Advising and Success Hub (SMASH) building, and provides tutoring, study skills workshops and academic coaching, among other resources. Additionally, the Writing Center in the Liberal Arts building offers help with all things writing, helping students write papers and reports with confidence.


Available at the AASC, academic coaches present a one-hour session on various study skill topics. Some of the many topics include time management, note-taking and test anxiety. Furthermore, students can set up an appointment to meet one on one with an academic coach to discuss academic strengths, skills and to give supportive advice that may benefit students throughout their schooling.

“Regardless of the student’s major plan or credit level, we want everyone to know AASC will partner with that student to help them achieve academic success at Boise State,” said Tomas Baiza, director of the AASC. “If we don’t provide the necessary services in-house, we will get them to the best Boise State resource available depending on their needs.”

Baiza went on to say that not only does the AASC offer these advantageous resources, but they also advise students with undeclared majors.

“This year AASC welcomed the largest number of exploring students since before my arrival in 2013.  We collaborate with the Career Center to ensure these new students engage in an intentional exploration of potential degree programs rather than wander through their first few semesters,” Baiza said.

Lastly, the AASC also offers free tutoring to all students.  If a student is unable to meet on campus, they even have an option for online tutoring. If a student requires more attention and time, the Support Center offers a service that helps find a private tutor. They even have tutors for subjects such as Japanese and guitar.

The Writing Center

The Boise State Writing Center, located in the Liberal Arts building, aims to be helpful to any student by offering its services for any paper students may need assistance with. Senior English major Caitlin Bullock has found her own success with the program.

The Writing Center is open to any students who may want to improve their writing. Photo by Taylor Humby

The Writing Center is open to any students who may want to improve their writing. Photo by Taylor Humby

“I’ve used the Writing Center quite a bit in the past. I started using their services for everything from help with MLA style source integration, help making sure my tenses were consistent, checking on the flow and transitions of my paragraphs, to just general feedback,” Bullock said. “It’s a great resource to get a second pair of eyes on a paper or work of fiction.”

The Writing Center offers a comfortable environment with a widely accessible schedule that can be found online. If a student is unable to meet with a consultant, the Writing Center offers its services through email, where tutors send their comments attached to the documents provided by the student.

“The mantra of the Writing Center is that it’s a safe, non-judgmental space and there’s no criticism. We see everyone from freshmen to graduates. Occasionally, we have helped faculty and staff members,” said Clyde Moneyhun, director of the Writing Center. “The Writing Center is not just error checking but brainstorming, creating an outline and revising drafts.”

According to Moneyhun, the Writing Center has about 5,000 one-on-one sessions and 1,000 email sessions per year, with the tutoring split up among about 30 undergraduate and six graduate tutors. Additionally, Moneyhun advised students to make sure to set up an appointment well before they need their piece ready, as sessions fill up quickly, especially when midterms and finals week come around.


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