Two Boise State faculty nominated for women of the year

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Two members of Boise State’s faculty were nominated for 2018’s Women of the Year award, presented by the Idaho Business Review. Those nominated were Leslie Webb, vice president for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, and Loraine Hand, executive assistant to the dean and associate deans in the College of Business and Economics.

This award is for women who are molding Idaho’s economy and community for the better and have an impact on Idaho’s economic future. Webb and Hand, along with 48 other women, are invited to a dinner and awards ceremony to be honored for their nomination. Additionally, they will be published in the Idaho Business Review magazine. However, only one will be named Woman of the Year.

Professional achievements, leadership, mentorship to other women, community service work and community leadership are the five categories used to determine the Woman of the Year. The judges score each nominee off of each category, and pick the one with the highest score to be the winner.

Webb said she is humbled and honored to be nominated for this award. Instead of taking all the credit, she wanted to focus on Boise State.

“For me, it’s about the service to community. It’s about representing Boise State, not about me individually,” Webb said.

As a representative of Boise State, Webb is giving most of the credit to the Boise community that she works for.

“There’s no way I could just go ‘hey thanks,’ with my shiny face. It’s really about the community with whom I work and through which I move and how we leverage our community to support students. That’s a primary focus of maybe why that nomination is relevant,” Webb said.

Webb believes receiving this award is something bigger than she can explain. Although, she is thrilled to be a representation of Boise State.

“It might be my name on it, but it’s indicative of something bigger (that) I’m honored to represent,” Webb said.

John Hand, Loraine Hand’s husband, said he was thrilled to hear about her nomination. He spoke about how the work she does betters the workplace and the people around her. John described Loraine as the type of person that gives and never gets. According to John, Loraine works late hours to finish any task and doesn’t expect any recognition.

Loraine Hand is one of the two Boise State faculty nominated for Women of the Year. Photo courtesy of Boise State website.

“I think Loraine’s nomination illustrates how someone who quietly does important work for her community, for her workplace and for her family can be recognized,” John said.

John said his wife works hard not because it’s her job, but because she wants to make the Boise community a better place.

“She’s resilient and tough,” John said. “I think what people see is that stuff just happens when she’s involved. It always occurs because she puts in extra time, does stuff on her own, does stuff after hours at work or does quiet community activities that she participates in that just happen.”

According to her husband, Loraine’s nomination was no surprise. He talked about the type of person she is and what type of impact she left on everyone she has met.

“She makes so many emotional deposits in her day-to-day life to people. She would do so many little things. She’s just a giver,” John said.


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