Troubles with parking? New parking garages opening soon in Downtown Boise

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Parking in Boise can be a daily hassle, especially for those who work or live downtown. But there is some good news–two new parking garages are under construction in Downtown Boise. These garages are expected to be completed within the next four months.

These new garages will provide 800 to 900 spaces that will be open to visitors, public and monthly parkers. Currently, there are six parking garages downtown, totaling 2,567 public parking spaces. These spaces are managed through the Downtown Public Parking System. This system accommodates approximately 1,000,000 visitors yearly who come to Boise for work, shopping, appointments and more.

“We plan to have these two new locations built within the next four months. One will be on 11th and Front Street, and the other one on 5th and Broadway,” said Max Clark, parking and facilities director for Capital City Development Corp (CCDC).

CCDC is also partnering with Boise State University and the City of Boise to pay for university shuttle services. This service will have two bus routes. The shuttle will pick up on Edgar Street by the interstate, and will go along Vista Avenue. The ride fare is free and will only take about 20 minutes to get downtown. Because of cheap fees and convenience, the new garages and shuttle services will be very beneficial for Boise State students and the people of Boise.

Rendering courtesy of Parking and Facilities Director of Capital City Development Corp, Max Clark.

The price of parking is another important factor, especially for college students. There will be hourly rates, daily rates and monthly rates for each garage. Payments can be made either in the garage or online depending on the length of time you park in the garage.

“There are two aspects to the cost of parking–visitors and monthly parkers. Visitor parking is $3 an hour, and for monthly parkers it is $15 per day. If we made them free, then they would be full. And then people with meetings or appointments wouldn’t get spots,” Clark said.

Matt Edmond, a colleague of Max Clark, proposed a survey to 748 people in Boise regarding parking garages. He found that there was a willingness to trade increased rates for increased parking and there was a willingness to trade convenience for price.

“The survey found mere 748 people are placed in four different categories: current monthly pass holders, waitlisters to get parking passes, others who pay and hourly users. We’re looking at some rate balance–affordability, availability, convenience,” Edmond said.

The hope for these new garages is to increase availability, but not overbuild. CCDC wants more access for the people, but doesn’t want there to be spaces not being used. CCDC encourages the people of Boise to embrace ride transportations, and urge students to carpool with friends and coworkers to save money and parking spaces.


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