Triptides are a trip to space, the beach


As part of the Freakout Records Second Chance Treefort Showcase at Woodland Empire Ale Craft, Los Angeles-based band Triptides played a trippy set on Saturday, March 25.

The band, clad in outfits reminiscent of the proverbial good old days of the 1970s and 80s, brightened Woodland Empire’s production garage with what the band described afterwards as their “spacey sunshine pop.”

With band members Josh Menashe and Glenn Brigman taking turns jamming on a twelve-string guitar and playing an organ while drummer Dylan Sizemore and bassist Shaughnessy Starr kept a steady backbeat, it was easy to feel transported onto a colorful beach towel floating around in space. The vocals echoed—even as Brigman made small-talk between songs—creating an environment that felt infinitely continuous in the same way the horizon seems when observed from the coast.

“Shaman,” a 2014 single, was well-received during the Showcase set. The track, introduced by Brigham as a spooky one, involved heavily layered, echoing vocals and recalled, like many of Triptides’ tracks, the haunting underwater muddiness of The Beatles’ track “Because,” while the organ sounded like The Doors and the overall effect landed somewhere between that of The Byrds and Jefferson Airplane. Despite the way their overall sound engages in this fifty-plus-year-old musical dialogue, Triptides has a pointed modern uniqueness.

Perhaps this interaction with tradition and pointed individuality can be partially explained by the band’s geographical diversity. While Triptides is currently based in Los Angeles, Calif., according to Brigman, Menashe, and Starr, the band began in Indiana, and the members originally hail from Atlanta, San Diego and San Francisco, respectively. They all moved to Los Angeles “for the music.”

Treefort seems to be a place for this musical journey to continue. “We have a bunch of friends here,” said Menashe, mentioning that he, Sizemore and Brigman also play in band Frankie and the Witch Fingers, who played at Treefort last year and will play a set on Sunday, March 26 at 10 p.m. at The Olympic Venue.

Triptides has another Treefort set, at 9 p.m. on Sunday, March 26, at The Olympic Venue, and will be starting a European tour in May. Their upcoming album, “Afterglow,” will be released this summer.  
When asked for parting wisdom, Brigman said “Just go out and make bands and listen to good music. Stay open-minded.”


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