Treasure Valley Roller Derby starts season this week

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Boise State graduate student, Alicia Garber, decided to move to Boise from Pennsylvania in 2012 to continue a hobby of hers. Roller Derby has been a big part of Garber’s life since 2010, and now in Boise she is a Treasure Valley Roller Derby (TVR) member and coach.

“I looked for teams in the area through the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), and decided to join the Boise River Rollers, compared to the Nampa Beat City Bombers, because the Rollers are more competitive,” Garber said.

Treasure Valley Roller Derby is Boise’s first and only Women’s Flat Track Derby Association League.

TVR has  two separate teams, their All Star team and their Boise River Rollers.

The Boise River Rollers currently has 11 members. The team competes against other teams in the area.

The TVR All Star team currently has 15 members. They travel and play teams from across the country and have even played a team from Canada.

Both teams practice every Wednesday and Sunday, and have their games on Saturdays. Both teams have a game almost every month.

“We have several students currently skating with us, including undergraduates and graduate students and quite a few Boise State alumni,” said Rebekah Wagner, TVRD marketing coordinator.

According to TVR, all members of the Boise River Rollers and All-Stars must be 18-years-old or older to play.

The ages on the teams range from 18 to the oldest member at 47.

Younger players can join Juniors, teens who are — 12 to 17-years-old — a team that meets on Saturdays and junior members can be recruited to the older teams once they are of age.

To try out for the team there is a skill set that is required by the WFTDA which includes basic skills, speed and an endurance portion.

Another way to try out is to attend TVR’s fresh meat open enrollment practice on Sundays.

With an exception of the mouth guard, members can borrow the necessary gear for practice for  free for the first 30 days. The next 30 days are $5 per practice. After those 30 days, purchase of personal equipment is required.

Once on the team, members will have to pay the monthly team fee of $30 per month.

According to TVR, regulators or referees are also needed. They are considered team members, too, and must know all of the WFTDA rules and regulations inside and out, and keep the derby bouts running smoothly and safely.

According to Garber, the best part about TVR is it is a very accepting community, members of the team range from moms to lawyers and doctors.

“Everyone is accepted, no matter size, race, age, gender or sexual orientation,” said Garber. “We have a lot of big personalities on the team and having all these women in one place practicing together is probably the scariest thing about the sport.”

Currently there are about 50 members including the new members, but the teams continue to be welcome to newcomers.

Garber said  anyone who thinks they are too old or out of shape to participate should come out and give it a shot.

“I’m 33, and I thought that I was to old to do this,” Garber said. “It’s a great way to make new friends, take care of anger management and safely be yourself.”


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