The Toilet Bowl’s competitive legacy continues into 2019

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Forget about the Boise State Broncos currently ranked 14th in the nation, the headlining event at Albertsons Stadium is and always will be flag-football. 

On Oct. 7, the participants of the 2019 Boise State Toilet Bowl brought an intensity unmatched by the division one athletes that receive praise on a national scale.

Each year, students gather to display their football skills that went unnoticed by collegiate talent scouts. Isabelle Boicourt, one of the two spectators on Monday, described the privilege of attending the tournament.

“It’s untapped potential that we only get to see once a year,” Boicourt said.

The athletes not only impressed Boicourt, Boise State’s starting quarterback Hank Bachmeier reportedly stopped by to scout the talent for a whole fifteen seconds.

The Toilet Bowl may seem insignificant, yet, to the athletes, it is anything but.

Boise State alum Nick Van der Sluys Ver did not want graduation to put an end to his Toilet Bowl experiences. In fact, he flew out from Southern California and bought a recreation membership to return as the Chumugawugums’s quarterback.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Van der Sulys Ver was unable to attend the tournament. Yet, his efforts reveal the impact the Toilet Bowl has on those involved.

As Queen blared through the singular mini-speaker, tensions rose. While the spectators attempted dance moves never before seen by the human race, participants began to argue over strategy and compare high school athletic records.

This competitive atmosphere inspired a high level of effort from each participant.

Coordinator of intramural sports, Kelly Ibele, proved herself as a quarterback with a 6-yard bullet to her receiver in the endzone. Despite Ibele’s complete and utter lack of experience, Boise State head coach Clay Helton should keep his eye out for this fresh-faced gunslinger.

“I think I played pretty well, honestly. I’m not super cocky but yeah,” Ibele said.

At the end of the tournament, the Chumuguwugums were victorious. Among the cheering faces of the champions, Cole Valley Christian School’s former cornerback James Lamb compared the Toilet Bowl win to his high school football experience.

“The joys of high school could never compare to winning intramural champ shirts,” Lamb explained.

In reality, regardless of the intense nature of the event, the Toilet Bowl exists to boost student morale before the Broncos take the field.

Erica Schan, self-proclaimed weak-link of the Fourth Floor Ballers, explained the tournament’s role in preparing fans for Homecoming weekend.

“We are getting ready for the game on Saturday and this is just another way to get us pumped up. We played some football, now we’re going to watch some football. We won now and we’re going to win later,” Schan said.

Next year, the Toilet Bowl with return to Boise State University and continue to serve as an opportunity for football lovers to ditch the bleachers for turf.


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