The LGBT+ student community is offered multiple scholarships

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Boise State is known for having many different scholarships ranging from the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) to the President’s scholarship. Along similar lines, Boise State also has on their website scholarships for the LGBT+ community that are offered from different organizations.

To make sure the scholarships are valid and not a scam, the Financial Aid Office does research and checks into the different scholarships that are emailed to them.

Yazmin Zalzar, the assistant director of scholarships and athletic aid, explained the process of researching each scholarship.

“What we do is research that company or organization to make sure it is a legitimate organization. Things we look for is making sure they do not require an application fee or to sign up for a newsletter in order to be considered,” Zalzar said.

One of the main scholarships online is the Pride Foundation scholarships. They offer roughly 60 different scholarships and there is one large application process for all of them. The application is open now until Jan. 11.

According to Csea Leonard, program coordinator for Gender Equity, The Pride Foundation scholarship is the most promoted scholarship within Gender Equity.

“The Pride Foundation scholarship is the one we definitely advertise more as the deadline gets closer, and it is a really good one to have students work on during their winter break,” Leonard said. “I remember it taking a long time, and with finals it is hard to focus on it, but once you do your finals you can really get it done.”

Although the LGBT+ scholarships are available on the Boise State website, the scholarships are not directly affiliated with the school. Around 30-40 scholarships will be emailed to financial aid and they will choose which they believe are worth students’ time, according to Zalzar.

Along with the Pride Foundation, Boise State’s website has scholarships available for National Women’s Studies Association, Fund for Education Abroad Rainbow Scholarship, Point Foundation and the Imperial Sovereign Gem Court of Idaho scholarships.

Jade Browne, a sophomore psychology major and a member of the LGBT+ community, wasn’t aware of the various scholarships that are offered to students.

“I am going to be 20 years old, and I didn’t know about the scholarships or anything like these scholarships existed until last semester. I feel like people who are in the community and who are not financially able to go to college should benefit from this,” Browne said.

All of these scholarships range in funds given from $100 to $2500. More information on the details for each scholarship can be found on Gender Equity’s website.



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