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Barbie vs. Oppenheimer: The Great Box Office Battle

The highly anticipated films Barbie and Oppenheimer were released on the same day, causing moviegoers to break off into teams. Team Oppenheimer is composed of those excited for Christopher Nolan's epic new three-hour film, while Team Barbie is filled with fans ready to see Greta Gerwig's explosive pink masterpiece. For those, however, who preferred to judge for themselves on which movie was better, theaters had accommodated for them by scheduling double features and unique menu options. Both films received great reviews, but Barbie stood out with its emotional and relatable content about a doll in the real world. Margot Robbie stole the show while Ryan Gosling's performance as Ken left viewers laughing. In contrast, Oppenheimer was a great movie that explored heavy subjects and received high ratings but was criticized for its three-hour run time, making it lose out in comparison to Barbie, which was an experience that left viewers feeling empowered and connected to their childhood.

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