Subnautica is a wondrous journey into alien oceans

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Exploratory survival games are excellent. You start with almost nothing, and through exploring the world and building little by little, you create an adventure that will last you years. But sometimes the longevity of these games cause the community surrounding them to grow stale and fester like an old mold. For anyone who has had their last straw with seven-year-olds cursing them out on games like Minecraft, might I suggest a much newer, and more sophisticated, experience for you: Subnautica.

Subnautica is a game available for early access on Steam. Subnautica places you as the lone survivor of a wreck on an alien planet covered almost entirely by water. You’ll catch fish, mine for valuable materials, build your seabase and explore exotic underwater alien landscapes. However, the one thing that sets Subnautica apart from other games like Minecraft is a simple, primal emotion: fear.

No ocean is complete without giant-toothed predators who want to find a new diver to scare, and every second you spend traversing through the foggy, blue depths could be another second you’re swimming closer to a terrifying alien monster.

So jump in and go for a swim; inhospitable oceans are always ready for new adventurers.


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