Study hard and have fun: some words of wisdom from graduating seniors

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As the spring semester begins and Boise State welcomes students back to campus for a new term, some look forward to their upcoming graduation, while others are just starting their journeys as Broncos. Graduating seniors find themselves reflecting on their experiences at Boise State and have taken this opportunity to share their wisdom with the newer generation of students.

One of the most important pieces of wisdom these seniors tell you is stop stressing out. The first year of college can be such a fun experience. Take time to soak it all in and really experience all that is university life.

“I would really recommend just enjoying the simplicity of freshman year,” said geoscience major Cam Mitchell. “Things are so much easier when you start out, and I think you should just enjoy it.”

If you aren’t sure what you are doing yet, and either haven’t declared a major or you are thinking about changing it, you are not alone.

“I registered as a material science and engineering major, then I switched it to communications, then I switched it to marketing,” said marketing major Hannah Hunter.

Don’t worry about having the answer to all of life’s questions. These graduating seniors have been at Boise State for four years (sometimes more), and we still don’t necessarily know what we want to be when we grow up.

When asked about future plans, many of us have similar responses to Mitchell when he said, “Oh gosh. Well I’m definitely going to look for a job immediately after. I don’t know, start paying my bills I guess.”

Some of the most valuable things you learn through your college experience will surprise you and might have little to do with the degree you choose.

“I didn’t expect to learn how to tell adults what I thought we should do or to start interacting in a workplace as an adult, who sometimes might have better ideas than an actual adult,” Hunter said. “Just because someone is older than you doesn’t mean they are smarter than you.”

Chances are, you are going to learn a lot of lessons that you might not expect. When it comes to the vital words of wisdom that will get you through college, sociology major Jace Schrader said, “It’s kind of funny, but never get caught on campus without your headphones.”

Mitchell had another bit of unconventional advice, as he said, “My biggest tip is if you’re going to live near campus, you have to have a bike. I don’t know how people walk everywhere. You’ll save so much money on gas. It’s probably the most helpful thing I’ve owned.”

On a more serious note, Hunter reminds students, “Don’t be too critical of yourself; that can take the fun out of everything. Sometimes it’s okay to make mistakes and not be perfect.”

With these lessons in mind, there is a lot to take advantage of during your time at Boise State.

“I don’t think I joined as many clubs or organizations as I wish I could have. They are all there for you as students,” Hunter said. “People you meet and connect with are your greatest resource. Talk to your professors and learn from them. The people you know are the ones that are going to get you further in life.”

The value of the people you meet has been a common thread in students’ time at Boise State, and that value extends further than just your professors and mentors; your peers are a resource as well.

“Reach out to other people in your classes and get a good group of people to study with. If you’ve got people to study with and they are your friends, it makes it way easier. That’s probably the biggest piece of advice I could give,” Mitchell said.

With all of this in mind, have some fun. These seniors also recommend taking an ultimate frisbee course, exploring the great Idaho outdoors through the Boise State Outdoor Program and participating on campus through clubs and attending sporting events.

Enjoy your time at Boise State: school can be challenging, but your experiences can be incredibly rewarding as well.

“It’s important to have fun. Don’t let one bad thing ruin the year for you. I thought about transferring once and I would have totally regretted it. Even when times are hard, it’s totally worth it to just push through,” Hunter said.


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