Students to advocate for programs, funding and scholarships on Boise State Day

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All school year students have been preparing issues to discuss with the legislatures on the designated Boise State Day of Education Week at the Capitol. On Feb. 20, Boise State students will represent the University in this year’s Boise State Day of Education Week advocating for students at the legislative level.

Boise State Day, or Day at the Capitol, takes place annually and aims to connect lawmakers with students, according to sophomore political science major Hayden Rogers.

“The goal is to show off Boise State students and their experience and make sure legislators are aware of what is happening on our campus,” Rogers said. “We want to show off Boise State academically and extracurricularly.”

Rogers explained there will be 12-15 students attending, including part of the Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU) executive team, the government relations committee of ASBSU and Boise State and Idaho scholarship winners.

One of the key issues they will discuss is the importance of funding scholarships.

“This year, if the legislature takes the governor’s recommendations, they will have the opportunity to increase the amount they are funding scholarships,” Rogers said. “The Opportunity scholarship, GEAR Up and others are all very important to students’ ability to come to college.”

Emily Page, sophomore global studies major, is one of the students who will be attending. She explained Boise State’s geographical proximity to the capitol is an advantage that other schools do not have.

“Education deserves to be talked about at the political level,” Page said. “It is always interesting to interact with lawmakers because they make the decisions that affect us.”

Cheyenne Hastings, senior psychology major, will also be a student representative at the event for the fourth time.

“We go to be the student voice to the legislators. They want to hear from the people that their legislation will affect,” Hastings said. “We discuss what is currently happening with education policy.”

Hastings explained that this year the focus was to send students who are involved legislatively and want to make connections with the lawmakers.

All three students are interested in discussing specific issues at the event, including university costs and student roles on the Idaho State Board of Education.

“Here, we get to create those relationships to be able to talk to a senator about what is going on at the school, or give an opinion from a 20-year-old’s perspective, which differs from who they usually get information from,” Hastings said.


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