Splatter Party kicks off the year with a splash of paint

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Paint, glow sticks and electronic dance music filled the Boise State Quad last Friday, Sept. 15 at the fourth annual Boise State Splatter Party. Starting at 9 p.m. and continuing until midnight, the party included a live DJ and drummers, as well as attendees being covered in blue silly string, bubbles and different colors of paint.

The Splatter Party has been held every year for the past four years, and is a continuing tradition among Boise State students. The event welcomes new students, non-students, and returning students- offering a promising glimpse into the future of the party.

As every year, the party aims to be a kick-off to the school year with loud and exciting school spirit. Students wore white to better accentuate the effects of the paint colors, which included orange, yellow and glow-in-the-dark green.  The event also featured some marching band drummers who drummed with paint on their drum set on stage. While the party was aimed more towards new students, the event was open to everyone.

“The purpose of the Splatter Party is really to encourage school spirit,” said Corrie Brending, senior Public Communications major and programming assistant. “We hope students get the chance to meet new people and experience something new. It’s just something fun that gets students excited to be here at Boise State.”


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