SouthFork Market to debut in Honors College on Oct. 24

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The SouthFork Market dining hall, located on the first floor of the new Honors College and Sawtooth Hall, is set to fully open on Oct. 24. A  soft opening will take place on Oct. 16. Complete with charging stations, seating and meal stations, this new venue will provide another space for students to eat and study.

The SouthFork Market

Nicole Nimmons, executive director of campus services, explained the new dining hall will be available for anyone to use and pay for with cash, card, flex dollars or meal replacements.

“It will be pay per item or per meal as opposed to a flat entry fee like the Boise River Cafe,” Nimmons said. “There are a minimum of eight meal exchanges available, two per station and a meal replacement will be one entree and two sides.”

Nimmons explained the options for food provided are diverse and aimed to suffice student demands. Gluten-sensitive alternatives, soups, specialty salads and sandwiches, pre-made items, a mongolian BBQ and a grille for burgers, chicken and salmon will be available.

Photo by Axel Quartarone.

“The goal was to get a more upscale variety than we have had on campus before,” Nimmons said.

Assistant director of the Honors College, Christopher Hyer, is looking forward to this new service.

“We needed another food option on campus, one more à la carte styled,”  Hyer said.

Within the dining hall a Provisions on Demand (POD) store will be open with extended hours; the goal is to have it open 24 hours a day.

“I designed this facility to allow the food stations to close while still allowing there to be full function of the dining area,” Nimmons said. “If there is an area for students, it should be a place to study, hangout and eat.”

Nimmons and Hyer explained this facility is also a space with the potential for events and for students to make and create what they want with it.

“There are not a lot of places where students can go and study late at night,” Hyer said. “This will also provide an option for dining with faculty and enhanced programming.”

The wants and needs

Freshman political science and economics major Jackson Blackwell is interested in this new facility.

“I look forward to the new dining hall being a location with good food,” Blackwell said. “I hope to see new, healthy, diverse options that aren’t found at other locations on campus.”

Sophomore health science major, Holly Harper, pointed out this may also be beneficial for students who may not live on campus.

Photo by Axel Quartarone.

“As someone who doesn’t live in the Honors building, but spends a lot of time there, it would be great to have some options for snacks or a quick lunch while I’m there for meetings or in between classes,” Harper said.

This design was created with the help of multiple surveys of students conducted last year, according to Nimmons.

“I want an opportunity for a student that needs a quiet place to study at 2 a.m. to have a safe place to go and still grab something to eat,” Nimmons said. “This starts with getting the food services going, getting that quality going.”


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