Here are a few songs to get you through your first week of classes

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With the first full day of school just a week away, students at Boise State are readying their playlists for the treacherous and sunburnt journey from the comfort of home to the stiff silence of the first day of class.

Whether you’re totally prepared or just praying not to sleep in too much on Monday, here are seven songs that will hopefully aid you as you brave your first day.

Foreign Bodies – Radiation City

“Foreign Bodies” is one of those songs that feels as though it’s pulling you toward it. Maybe it’s the less-contemporary style, or perhaps the echoey tones of the vocals that give the sentiments of the lyrics a sort of far-away feeling. Regardless, this song manages to be a joy to walk to, and an excellent introduction to a great band.

Mary (Alternate) – Yellow Ostrich

“Mary (Alternate),” not to be confused with the original song of the same name and album, is a confusing little song. Its narration of the profoundly lost figure “Mary,” is supported by a steady and sure drum beat, which pushes the song forward with ease. The multileveled harmonies floating over the chorus, to me, seem to playfully evoke the wandering spirits of the Beach Boys, making this song a perfect anthem for the fading summer.

Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori – Weezer

Speaking of summer, Weezer’s White Album is a continuation of a spectacular return to form for the band, featuring mostly tunes with backdrops of the season for  young love and warm weather. “Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori” is a particularly dramatic, but fun song, exploring the regrets and longing that come with the ending of something old, and the beginning of something new.

Backwards Centaur – National Parks

“Backwards Centaur” has a killer build-up. National Parks start this piece out slow, laying down a web of visuals that uncover feelings of hope and loss at the same time. Over time, as the constant, central guitar lick proves to be more and more dominant, the song becomes a manifestation of fleeting memory.

Angels – Chance the Rapper

You already know this one. Chance’s music has an uncanny ability to uplift a situation, and “Angels” is far from an exception. My personal debut to Chance’s work, this song is nothing short of a pleasure to enjoy, and can do wonders in chasing away the back-to-school blues.

Driving in the Car Across Wash. – Mise

“Driving in the Car Across Wash.” is a song that takes its time and waits its turn. It flips back and forth between a slower, wistful verse and a full-bodied, instrumental chorus, featuring a solid horn line. Whether it’s a drive into Boise or a walk through the quad, Mise can turn your commute into a much-needed trip.

Lucky Girl – Fazerdaze

Fazerdaze is a young artist who makes music on the side, for fun, and it shows in “Lucky Girl,” in all the very best ways. The song uses repetition to create a feeling of whimsical cycle, rather than monotony. It’s bright, focused and it might just rub on you, even on your worst days.


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