President Trump declares major disaster in Idaho due to flooding

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According to a press release from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, (FEMA) on Oct. 7, President Donald Trump approved a declaration for a major disaster in Idaho due to the flooding that occurred from March 29 until June 15.

FEMA announced the assistance from the declaration will be made available to Idaho to assist with state, tribal and local recovery acts due to the flooding. This funding is also available to a select few private nonprofit organizations, and will be used for infrastructure repair or replacement of facilities that were damaged by the flooding.

According to FEMA, Timothy B. Manner is the Federal Coordinating Officer for the recovery actions in the Ada and Canyon counties that were affected by the flooding. Manner reported that potentially more locations in Idaho will be assessed of the damages that need repaired.

According to the City of Boise, the flood response program for the Boise River varies each year. The ideal flow for the river is to keep it under 6,500 feet per second (cfs), although that flow rate exceeds the average rate every 5 years.


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