President Kustra announces impending retirement

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President Bob Kustra has announced he will be leaving his position effective June 30, 2018. In an email sent out to students and faculty, Kustra declared his impending retirement and expressed gratitude for those who have assisted him in his presidency.

“I will be forever grateful for being able to serve during this period of incredible growth and accomplishment for the university,” said Kustra in the campus wide email.

There is currently no word of who the new president will be. Dean of Students, Christian Wuthrich, said the process of picking a new president is still to come.

“That is a process handled by the State Board of Education and they are responsible for managing the next steps,” Wuthrich said.

The State Board of Education is the governing board for Boise State University, as well as other higher education institutions, and is charged with the hiring of university presidents, according to Blake Youde, chief communications and legislative affairs officer of the Idaho State Board of Education.

Since the President sent out his announcement, the board has not met to discuss Boise State specifically. However, Youde explained the hiring process for a new president will take about six months based off of the current processes with Idaho State University (ISU) and Lewis and Clark State College (LCSC).

Youde explained that student involvement in the process of hiring a new president is standard across the country and even in Idaho.

“Often, there may be sessions in advance where students, faculty and alumni can give input on what they want to see from potential candidates,” Youde said. “There can also be on-campus forums that allow the campus community to hear from final candidates.”

This has been the case with LCSC and ISU, and Boise State is not expected to be different.

“The fortunate thing is we have regularly scheduled meetings, and there is time for the board to decide on the search process,” Youde said, adding that the announcement came in time for there to be a smooth transition.

For now, all initiatives under Kustra’s presidency are set to continue.

“The functions and initiatives of the university will continue, and who the State Board chooses to hire will build on previous accomplishments,” Wuthrich said.

This is Kustra’s 15th year with the University since taking office in 2003.

“Kustra is a tremendous asset,” Withrich said. “He is certainly going to be a missed presence, and his leadership has been wonderful.”


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