Paulette Jordan announces campaign for United States Senate


Former Idaho House Rep. Paulette Jordan announced on Feb. 7 that she is running for the United States Senate with the intention of unseating current Idaho Sen. Jim Risch.

“Over the past several years, I’ve had the opportunity to listen to thousands of Idahoans throughout this great state, and what I’ve learned is that Idaho is in need of new leadership,” Jordan said in a press release. “Idahoans are fed up. People from all walks of life are frustrated with the partisan gridlock in Congress and they are calling for a leader who represents them. Nothing will change until there is new leadership in Idaho. I have decided to answer the call to serve and represent Idaho as our next U.S. Senator.”

During her 2018 gubernatorial race, Idahoans cast 231,081 votes for Jordan, more than any other Democratic candidate in Idaho history, but lost to Gov. Brad Little.

Jordan says she is running for Senate because Idaho needs a leader who will advocate for prosperity, land resources, affordable healthcare and education. She believes Risch has not fulfilled these duties. 

“We all watched as our current senator embarrassed Idaho by falling asleep on the job during one of our nation’s most historic events,” Jordan said. “If Idahoans fell asleep at work, we would lose our jobs. This isn’t nap time. It’s time to get to work. Mr. Risch has spent 11 years in the Senate. We can’t afford to let him sleep away six more years.”

Last weekend, Jordan spoke at the National Federation of Democratic Women Western Regional Conference in Nevada. She recently served as a lead organizer and master of ceremonies for the 2020 Women’s March in Boise, a movement aimed at harnessing the political power of diverse women and advocating for legislation and policies that support human rights. The first major campaign event kicking off the Paulette Jordan for U.S. Senate campaign will take place in Boise later this month. 

More about the event and Jordan’s positions on policy issues can be found online at


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