Passionate golfers create new club sport at Boise State

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Carson Inglin, a sophomore finance and accounting major, brought a fascinating idea to Club Sports Coordinator Jared Cox’s desk; as a result, golf has officially been added to the campus’s growing roster of club sports.

The golf team is the 21st club sports team at the university, with Inglin officially taking over as the club golf team president. Originally from Sumner, Wash., Inglin came to Boise State his freshman year in hopes of continuing to play the sport he has loved for years.

“I always wanted to continue my golf career in college,” Inglin said. “So it was always an idea for me to try and start up a club golf team at Boise State.”

In addition to Inglin, there are a total of five other students that have joined the team, including junior history major Cameron Tafoya.  After recovering from an injury he sustained while playing for the club baseball team, Tafoya wanted to dive into another game he holds a strong passion for.

“I wanted to join the club golf team because I wanted to continue playing a sport competitively until I am done with college,” Tafoya said. “If Carson needs any help, I am very interested in becoming the team’s vice president.”

Senior Brandon Hazel is another member of the current six-man roster. Hazel, a  business administration major, is still deciding whether or not he will fully commit to playing.

“I am hoping to compete in at least one tournament and get my golf game in tip-top shape,” Hazel said. “I am hoping I will be able to continue to pursue my passion for golf.”

Inglin has planned tournaments for the team to play in its first official season, with competitions scheduled for this fall and the upcoming spring.

The Boise State club golf team plans to join the West region — including Utah, Utah State, BYU and Utah Valley — in the National Collegiate Club Golf Association. Inglin recently set up a tournament with Utah and Utah State for sometime in October, with the location still to be determined.

Inglin announced that it will cost $175 per semester to be a member of the team. These dues will cover apparel and uniforms, hotels and transportation to tournaments.  

Currently searching for more players to join, Inglin is opening up the team to any student interested at Boise State. Inglin has created a club golf team page through OrgSync, with no tryouts and a co-ed team.

“I want the golf club to be a welcoming type of environment,” Inglin said. “No matter the skill level of future players, I need their help putting club golf on the map at Boise State.”

With all the toughest tasks now behind him, Inglin is very excited to see what this season has in store for the team.

“I am really looking forward to this upcoming season,” Inglin said. “Not only will club golf be a new club sport, [but]it will also be a new opportunity for students at Boise State.”


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