Parents and Family weekend brings excitement to Boise State

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Moving miles away from home doesn’t come easily to many students at Boise State, which may be precisely why Parents and Family Weekend is such a popular set of events on campus. Whether families chose to attend the Dean’s Brunch, the President’s Tailgate or any of the group exercise sessions in the SUB, all participants were able to find an event to take part in while bonding with family.

Parents and Family Weekend took place Friday, Oct. 20 through Sunday, Oct. 22, giving students three days of quality time with their loved ones, usually without classes.

Every day of the weekend, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., a “Welcome Station” was available to introduce families to campus, take photos and answer any questions about the upcoming three days of fun. While the weekend isn’t for everyone, it does its job for those who are, quite literally, making Boise State their home away from home.

“(Parents and Family Weekend) is important to me because, living out of state, I have no family here and to have a weekend with them was amazing,” said freshman Kacey Frausto.

As of the 2016-2017 academic year, the University is home to 23,886 students, 24 percent of which live outside of the state of Idaho, and 31 percent of all enrolled students are freshmen. With numbers like these, homesickness is a possibility for any of our students.

Even for the 76 percent of students who live in-state, the weekend gives anyone the opportunity to get some much-needed family time.

The fun activities did not stay within the boundaries of campus thoughout the weekend. Families spent time all over Boise, including places such as Table Rock and Linder Farms, both of which are popular fall and tourist destinations, especially for those living out-of-state.

While the last weekend might not have been every family’s cup of tea, it was an excitement and emotion-filled three days that many families certainly won’t forget.

“(I enjoy) coming to see the environment that my daughter has been living in for the last two months, to see all the exciting things Boise State has to offer and to see my baby girl,” Jamie Frausto, mother of Kacey Frausto, said.


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