Parade participants and spectators celebrate the annual homecoming parade

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Alumni and students bustled about and a sea of blue and orange converged on campus last week as Boise State celebrated its homecoming. The week was filled with various school spirit-oriented activities, but the most anticipated event of all was the homecoming parade.

Pandemonium ensued as students, alumni and volunteers began preparing their floats for the parade. Floats were built by charities, sport teams, and student clubs and organizations, some affiliated with Boise State and some not. The participants went above and beyond with the level of decoration they achieved. Floats created by student organizations all had specific themes that were incorporated in the aesthetic of the float’s decor.

Bronco spirit filled the atmosphere on University Avenue as the parade commenced. Hundreds of BSU students and alumni lined the sidewalks; everyone was covered from head to toe in blue and orange. Homecoming banners hung on every light post and street sign. Cheers filled the street as the floats made their way through the endless sea of Bronco fans. Candy and miniature footballs where flung from floats into the adoring crowd. The sheer number of people, both in the crowd and in the parade, brought an incredible energy to campus. Whether it was their first time attending the parade or not, everybody was enjoying themselves.

Photo by Kenzie Hudson.

“It felt really nice knowing everyone was enjoying the parade. It was great seeing it all come together and knowing it was a success at the end of the day,” said Charlie Nasrallah, planner and builder of the Tau Kappa Epsilon and Alpha Xi Delta float.

Fraternities and sororities affiliated with Boise State were paired up together and given a theme to incorporate into their float. The members of each group dressed up to match the unique theme of their float.

Some community organizations have been participating in the homecoming parade for 30 or more years. The many people that build and maintain floats year after year demonstrates the extraordinary level of spirit at Boise State.

One of the most notable and memorable parts of the parade was the infamous Bronco organ truck. This truck is completely bronco themed with a full-scale working church organ in the truck’s bed.

“This truck as been around around thirty years and has been in the parade for pretty much thirty years and will continue to do so”, said Larry Spolworthy, keeper of the organ truck.

Simply showing up to the parade and having a float for a specific charity or group spreads the word in an entertaining and memorable way. Some organizations got creative with their floats, going beyond crepe paper and paint. One charity decided to forgo the float entirely, bringing multiple dune buggies and fez hats to the celebration. This made the Sanduners one of the most unforgettable and intriguing parts of the parade.

“We have been in the homecoming parade for quite a few years here in Boise. The reason behind the dune buggies is having fun and helping the kids”, said Chris Burgess, member of the Sanduners.

Homecoming is the week of the year for people all over the Boise area to come together and rally behind their beloved university. Nearly all participants made it clear that the level of time and effort required for the parade was daunting, yet the response of the spectators made it worth it. The parade provided a energetic close to the Homecoming celebrations.


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