Mission Statement

The Arbiter is Boise State’s editorially independent student newspaper. As a student-run organization, our mission is to provide accurate, relevant and trustworthy information to the Boise State community. Our vision is to be the recognizable, distinguished resource that best represents the complete scope of campus and Boise life.


Our Staff


Hanalei Potempa

Editor-in-Chief | editor@stumedia.boisestate.edu

Adam Bridges

Online Editor | onlineeditor@stumedia.boisestate.edu

Kelly Ann Asker

Copy Editor | copyeditor@stumedia.boisestate.edu

Section Editors

Kiryn Willett

News Editor | news@stumedia.boisestate.edu

Emily Gordon

Culture Editor | culture@stumedia.boisestate.edu

Marlei Soderquist

Sports & Rec. Editor | sports@stumedia.boisestate.edu

Ella Van Leuven

Opinion Editor | opinion@stumedia.boisestate.edu

Section Reporters

Kaylie Hilliker

News Reporter | news@stumedia.boisestate.edu

Joel Hroma

News Reporter | news@stumedia.boisestate.edu

Olivia Brandon

Culture Reporter | culture@stumedia.boisestate.edu

Alec Simeone

Sports & Rec. Reporter | sports@stumedia.boisestate.edu

Digital Content

Taya Power-Thornton

Digital Content Manager | digitalcontent@stumedia.boisestate.edu

Niamh Brennan

Digital Content Producer | digitalcontent@stumedia.boisestate.edu

Naomi Priddy

Social Media & Outreach Coordinator | digitalcontent@stumedia.boisestate.edu


Sasha White

Graphic Design Manager | design@stumedia.boisestate.edu

Kelsey Mason

Graphic Designer | design@stumedia.boisestate.edu

Sydney Smith

Illustrator | design@stumedia.boisestate.edu