Our best guess: Jan. 14-20


Week of Jan 14th – Jan 20

Aug 23 – Sept 23
Virgo, now is not the time to be mixing up your love life. Stay away from any big decisions in the way of relationships. Instead, this week, you crave time with yourself so you can center, meditate and reflect on your goals for this upcoming year. Make it a trend of 2020 to check in with yourself mentally and do not forget to give yourself adequate care this year.

Sept 23 – Oct 22
After the break, Libra, you have a lingering feeling of wanting to withdraw. You are not feeling like your normal, expressive self. Think hard on why that is. You might find that you are doubting and limiting yourself by hanging back. Recognize what is happening emotionally for you; but remember you have worked hard for your opportunities and deserve what is coming to you.

Oct 23 – Nov 21
Your life has felt out of control as of late, Scorpio. This week, lean into your desire for organization, structure and order. Your determination will make everything come into place for you. Not to mention, a little bit of planning will set you up for success in the new year. Try your best to not let yourself make excuses or be distracted away from prioritizing.

Nov 22 – Dec 22
Your fieriness is flaring up this week, Sag. Go ahead and bask in that confidence and determination. Mars will guide this side of you for some time. Just make sure that you keep yourself in check and do not let yourself become big-headed or fall arrogant unintentionally, which should be fairly easy for a self-aware sign, like yourself, to control.

Dec 22 – Jan 20
Not unlike last year, Cap, you still have a lot going on. You are juggling a lot of life events, but also different parts of your personality in order to gracefully handle each separate area. Tap into that groundedness in you which comes so naturally and take time to breathe in between learning valuable lessons, having good luck, and handling the spotlight being directly on you.

Jan 20 – Feb 18
You are getting some attention, Aquarius. People are noticing that thing you are doing which you are so undeniably good at. Praise yourself for your hard work. Of course, you, being a humble sign who works for the people, are taking everything in stride. Mercury will guide your communication and will help you make the most of this extra attention.

Feb 18 – March 20
Love is in the air, Pisces. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, your radar will pick up on something new in the way of love. Allow yourself to be free and uninhibited in your romantic choices. Do what feels right and trust your instincts. Venus will point you in the right direction. Neptune, your ruling planet, is also making you feel secure right now, which is doubly great for romance.

March 20 – April 20
New year, new you, Aries. You have an impulsiveness brewing that is telling you to do something different. You want to break outside of your normal box and show the world that you can do it all. This week, take it one step at a time. You can definitely achieve everything that you want, but remember pacing and taking it moment by moment is just as important.

April 20 – May 21
Taurus, you are feeling as if many things you tried last year did not work. You feel like you want to throw out those decisions and start fresh with something exciting and maybe even shocking. However, when that logical side pops up in your head and has some criticisms, listen to it. Sure, do something out of the ordinary, but make sure it is grounded in practicality.

May 21 – Jun 21
While you feel like you just had a fire lit under you to accomplish everything and more, you are feeling burnt out, Gemini. Maybe that is not such a bad thing either. This week, try and narrow your scope of what you can achieve. Take accomplishment in small victories and focus on the day to day instead of big picture items. The time will return soon to zoom out once again.

Jun 21 – July 23
Unfortunately, the end of last year drained you completely, Cancer. You gave 2019 everything you had and you need time to rejuvenate. Do not deny yourself this crucial moment of reflection and recharging. Think about climbing back into your shell for a short period of time so that you can emerge stronger than ever by remembering how to pace yourself and care for yourself.

July 23 – Aug 23
You learned something about yourself recently, Leo. You made a breakthrough in relationships and how you interact with others in general. Stick with that feeling this week and try to think about how bettering your communication, listening, and skills of compromise can bring an overall benefit to your life at large.


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