Our Best Guess: April 14- 21

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You don’t have all of your future plans figured out yet, Aries, but this week may prove to be a transformational one. Whether you shadow someone in a job you’ve been considering or you discover your passion, you may just find yourself ready to take on a path you’ve never traveled before. Push forward and see what lies ahead!


It has been awhile since you read for fun, Taurus, but there are ways to incorporate the hobby into your work and school life. Pick up a memoir about something you’re interested in, like true crime, and use that to spark your motivation to finish the semester. Take some “you” time.


You’ll be very high-energy this week, Gemini, so ensure you’re using it to the fullest extent. Push yourself to get any high-priority work done during the week, so the weekend is yours to fill with whatever activities have been off your radar throughout the busy month of April.


Meditation will be your friend during the rocky end of the semester, Cancer, because things may not go as smoothly as you’d like. Pick a few yoga classes at the Rec to get your mind off things, but do anticipate that things will get worse before they get better entirely.


You’re feeling a little under the weather this week, Leo, which means it’s time for you to confide in those around you rather than bottling up the way you feel. Having a conversation with a friend about your problems is an effective way to feel better, and you’ll have a support system as a result.


Financially, you’re thriving this week, Virgo. You’ve made great spending decisions, which may leave you with the desire to buy something grand to make up for lost time. Instead, use this week to plan a trip in the near future and get the most out of your hard-earned cash.


Someone close to you has accomplished something great this week, Libra, but don’t let your jealousy get the best of you. Put work into the things you’re passionate about and get excited for the success of your friends without damaging your relationship in the process.


Rumors will be circulating about you and your friend group this week, Scorpio, but don’t take the time to spread or diffuse them. Let the fire die down and accept the tendencies of others, and distract yourself with other obligations in the meantime.


Something you’ve applied or worked for is coming to fruition this week, Sagittarius, but try not to let the excitement blind you from the reality. Take the time in the coming days to make a plan for what’s coming next because, while spontaneity is fun, realism is important.


The creative juices are flowing, Capricorn, so it’s important that you channel them into something that matters. Fulfill your desire to make by creating something, whether it be a project or a paper, related to your passion. It will be time-consuming, but you’ll love the final project.


Your impulsive and blunt nature sometimes get you into hot water, Aquarius, but this week will be a great time to control your urges and get something done. Make a schedule for the week that includes little flexibility, and you’ll be forced to add some structure into your daily routine.


Your GPA isn’t where you’d like it to be, Pisces, but you don’t have to end with your grades in flames. Take the remaining weeks of the semester to do some extra studying time, even using sites like Chegg and Quizlet, to pull those letters back to somewhere you’re proud of.


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