New student housing could be coming to Boise Avenue and Protest Road


A newly proposed student housing complex could be coming to Boise Ave. on the site of an old Maverick right next to a series of affordable housing units.

The project is headed by Collegiate Development Group, an out of town developer.They plan to tear down the current Maverick on site, as well as the affordable apartments and construct a four story building on a 3.3 acre site.

In order for the project to come to fruition, the property will have to be rezoned to a single higher density designation. The rezone would include the old convenience store as well as the 20- unit affordable housing complex. 

With the growth occurring in Boise, many out of state developers are looking for opportunities to break ground on new housing complexes in the area. Here at Boise State, . Many of those students are looking for housing on or near campus. 

Boise State housing director Luke Jones explained there is an increased need for housing on and near campus. While there are many new apartment developments aimed at student housing, Jones feels there is always room to add more affordable housing.

“Boise State is currently in the process of planning for additional housing options,” Jones wrote in an email. “We are currently planning to add additional bed spaces (and) buildings to help accommodate the growth of our student population.” 

Students at Boise State have mixed thoughts on the idea of another proposed student housing complex. Garret Hay, a junior studying business feels out of state students should have more housing options.

“Being from California and moving here, it was nice to know that there was plenty of housing. Considering the cost of living in California, some of the housing here is a lot cheaper,” Hay said. “I like the idea of new student housing being built to offer more variety to students coming from out of state.”  

Daniel Franco, a junior media arts major, is a commuter student. Franco sees the need for potential student housing but feels current housing rates are too expensive for the average student.. 

“It’s good to have more housing options but it depends on what they decide to price the rent at. If it’s [a]high rate it will be kind of pointless,” Franco said.  “It’s become unaffordable for students like me.” 

While the proposed project is good for students, tenants at the current affordable housing complex are worried they will be left without a home. 

Jose Lopez, a tenant living in the affordable housing units said that with the fate of his future living situation still being unclear, there is little transparency coming from the complex owners. He was given a flyer informing him about attending a potential rezone meeting, but has not heard much else from the owners.  

“It’s not good on our part, because this is a good spot for us to live, not to mention it’s affordable,” Lopez said. 

Brian Foster, another tenant living on the property moved in only a month ago. He says he was told there was investors looking at the property and the future of the apartment complex was unknown. 

“I hope they don’t tear them down, I like living here. I understand the need for more housing and the rental market is so scarce here, but at the same time the new buildings they put are too high in rent,” Foster said. “This is kind of my limit of what I can pay for rent, all these new places are pushing the locals out of town to find cheaper rent elsewhere.” 

An application would have to go through Boise planning and development for approval, and a rezone application would have to be approved by the city of boise. No hearing date has been set.


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