New printmaking exhibit installed in Student Union art gallery

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23 Boise State Alumni traveled from all across the United States to come “home” to produce and graciously donated works of printmaking for a new art exhibit in the Student Union Building aptly titled “There’s No Press Like Home.”

The exhibit is open to the public and can be found on the second floor of the Student Union Building. It showcases about 60 different framed prints. The show opened Tuesday Oct. 3 and will run until Nov. 5.

In this exhibit select alum were given access to the printmaking facilities on campus and, in exchange, they each produced prints for the project. The “There’s No Press Like Home” webpage states, “This studio-based homecoming presented us with the opportunity to reflect on our growth while creating new connections and camaraderie.”

As explained by Professor Jill AnnieMargaret, head of Printmaking in the Fine Arts Department at Boise State, the artists were given freedom in choosing the subject of their art as they explored their own “current threads of inquiry”.

“All the artists that I work with, and myself included, have certain ideas and concepts or things we want to convey through our artwork.” AnnieMargaret said.

Photo by Taylor Lippman.

This freedom allowed for a beautiful and diverse collection of topics ranging from parenthood to mental illness and the impermanence of life.

“It is a gorgeous representation of the diversity of printmaking techniques and the intricacies that those artists can explore through screen printing and linocut and etching and aquatint and therefore allow us to explore those intricacies as well. It’s a beautiful show,” Fonda Portales, Art Curator at Boise State said.

AnnieMargaret explained, in addition to the “There’s No Press Like Home” prints, part of the exhibit will feature work from 39 artists that worked under the theme of “Watershed” at the Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance Symposium in April 2016.

“The ‘Watershed’ Portfolio aspect of the ‘There’s No Press Like Home’ prints, all those artists were focused on the idea of ‘Watershed’, and there’s a lot of definitions of that particular word.” AnnieMargaret said.

All of these artists, from both the “Watershed” portion of the exhibit as well as “There’s No Press Like Home” have donated their work as part of a crowdfunding venture through Boise State’s PonyUp program. Their work is available at different levels as donation incentives through their campaign to raise money for a new printing press for the Boise State Art Department.

“The press that we are raising the funding for is a much larger machine. It will actually really expand what students and faculty can do in the studio.” Said Annie Margaret.

Taking a quick trip up to the second floor of the SUB to see these beautiful prints after your next dinner at the BRC might be worthwhile. Walk up the stairs to take a moment of your day to reflect on the different themes of “There’s No Press Like Home” and discover your own definition of “Watershed.”


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