New Boise ice cream shop sees immense student traffic

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With temperatures reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the Boise area, people are searching high and low for ways to cool down. Although most buildings are supplied with air conditioning, Downtown Boise has a great alternative to help keep cool: The Stil, which opened for business earlier this summer on July 16.

The Stil, an acronym for the Sweetest Things in Life, lives in Downtown Boise’s BoDo between Caffe D’arte and Edwards 9 Cinemas. Along with the family friendly and vegan options The Stil provides, they also have alcohol incorporated flavors for those over 21, and a wine and beer menu. Only a few months old, the unique shop is already making a name for itself in the community.

“I heard about (The Stil) from my coworker because of the alcohol infused flavors,” said Camille Jones, a sophomore at Boise State. Her friend, Geena Colburn, also heard about The Stil from classmates at Boise State.

How The Stil came to be is no ordinary story, according to owner Kasey Allen. He described the journey he and co-owner Dan Sell took to get the shop off the ground.

“It started off as a joke, but the more we talked about it and came up with a concept of what we’d want it to be and how we wanted it to feel like, we were thinking maybe we should actually do this.”

Boise State students enjoy The Stil’s diverse flavors of ice cream. Photo by Veronica Lemaster.

With unique flavors that change out continuously, wine and beer flights and the near proximity to Boise State and downtown, The Stil can be the perfect hangout spot for any group of friends, or stressed-out student.

Friends and Boise State students Geena Colburn, Camille Jones and Alanah Knutsen sat down for a chilled treat and to forget about the stress of school.

“I mentioned going to Goodies to a friend, and they told me to go to The Stil, so we tried it out,” Colburn said,“We love it!” The friends tried out Summer Hike, which is a strawberry sorbet, and the Dia En La Playa, their play on the churro. The first-timers have plans on coming back for the unique flavors, and the hangout spot.

“It seems since school has kicked back up that we’ve gotten a lot of [Boise State] students in here,” Allen confirmed. “Over the weekend before school started we had a lot of parents in here either with or without their students. We also had the entire Honors College come in,”  Bronco football fans also found their way to the delicious shop after the first home game. With their slogan, “what’s it to you?,” the shop is all about finding the sweetest things in life.

“We try to encourage people to think about what the sweetest things in their lives are,” Allen said. “All of our flavors are named after various sweetest things in life, such as the Fresh Powder, which is our vanilla, or Easy Like Sunday Morning, which is our coffee caramel.”

A popular wine infused flavor is the Purple Rain, which combines raspberry wine and sweet sorbet for a light dessert. Beer and ice cream flights are also a must have, with a flight of three or four beers paired alongside half scoops of ice cream. The shop also offers beer floats, port shakes, even dessert wine shakes, making it a sweet spot for everyone.


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