Meet the new face of Boise State’s Bronco Girl

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Chances are the last time you saw Brianna Flansburg, she was racing onto the blue carrying the Boise State flag while riding a horse. Here, she sits on her bed in her college dorm room on a warm September day, waiting for her friends so she can go four-wheeling. Brianna’s room is tidy; there are no signs of her horse, and the only thing strewn about are the posters and pins she keeps around for game days.

Brianna is 18, a college freshman, on home game weekends, Flansburg is the Bronco Girl dressed to the nines walking around Albertsons stadium while children and adults alike come up to her asking for autographs. During the school week though, she is Bri; an 18-year-old girl who is extroverted and the typical Boise State student, other than the possible perk of being snapchat pals with Cedrick Wilson, Boise State Football’s star senior receiver. living away from home for the first time.

“I wanted to be a Bronco Girl when I was a kid,” Flansburg said. “When I was younger, I would Google looking at Bronco Girls coming out of the tunnel.”

Flansburg said she feels lucky that she now gets to come out of the tunnel as the smoke shoots through the air and the crowd is roaring. It’s a feeling she said she loves, even though in the process it’s a little nerve-wracking.

Flansburg’s story started in Star, Idaho, where she was raised. A rural town outside of Boise, Brianna grew up on ranches and rode horses her entire life. Her grandparents had always raised and raced horses, and according to Flansburg, she took to the lifestyle quickly.

By the time Flansburg was 11, she was riding in parades with the “Eh-Capa 4H” bareback riding group. There she learned to treat her horse with care when preparing it for outings, stay composed in long parades and carry herself with confidence.

Even as a child Flansburg was remembered for many of the things that make her noteworthy today

“Bri always is willing to jump in and get the job done and get her hands dirty,” said Michelle Gage, a family friend. “It doesn’t matter how difficult it is, she can get anything done.” In reference to Flansburg wrestling pigs into a pin.

As a sophomore in high school, she took to the Eagle High School field on her horse. The school administration was hesitant, but Flansburg said she was persistent in getting the school to let her ride before football games.

Though in the past choosing the Bronco Girl was an audition process, by the end of her senior year at Eagle, Flansburg was offered the position of Boise State’s Bronco Girl at 17-years-old. Cassie, Flansburg’s horse, was a rescue from a ranch where many of the horses were starving.

“She looked like a sack of bones with a curtain draped over her,” Flansburg said.

At 25, Cassie is still spry. She’s had a life filled with training and racing. Flansburg thoughis plenty busy being a freshman, as she mentions things such as deciding where to eat and making friends on campus. She focuses on being the Bronco Girl and everything that it entails.

“I’m really excited about the Homecoming game, on Nov. 4. I’ll be in the parade,” Flansburg said.


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