Lounge on Fire releases “Lips of Calypso” and prepares for upcoming performances


The hum of bass fills headphones and gathers in the space between your ears. The smoothness of the funk music envelopes you and you find yourself yearning for more. It’s the first taste of Boise-based band Lounge on Fire’s latest album: “Lips of Calypso.”

The funk band, featuring its own horn section in addition to the usual suspects,  is made up of seven members—almost all of which are Boise State students. The album, released on Jan. 28, has influences not just in funk but also jazz, rock and classical. The members of the band were influenced and inspired during their writing process by several different genres, and according to drummer and senior entrepreneurship major, Wade Ronsse, this influence is what makes their sound so unique.

“Two people will write a song, and then there’s five other people that need to come in and learn that,” Ronsse said. “Between that, there’s three horn players that come in with their influences, and they’re trying to figure out (if) they want it to sound like this or that. It’s an interesting writing process.”

According to Frontman Nathan Norton, the album is 10 years in the making.

“I’ve thought about this for almost a decade,” Norton said. “‘Lips of Calypso’ is an ode to the human body as a hostage to the temptation of sin. Each track embodies the perspective of the sinner and their struggle with the burden created by this seduction.”

When it comes to balancing work and class, Ronsse said all of the musicians find a way to pull together, even if just a few of them can meet at a time.

“We work really hard,” Ronsse said. “A lot of us put in extra time outside of class for preparation. Sometimes we get together in small groups to work on songs, or record so that we can listen to what we’ve done.”

Students who want to get a copy of the new album can find it on all of the major streaming services, as well as at The Record Exchange for $14.99. Lounge on Fire will also be performing at Treefort and have a guest appearance at the upcoming “Interface” Idaho Dance Theatre event on March 10 through March 12.


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