Local tattoo parlor provides discounted tattoos and piercings on Friday Oct. 13

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Many students will put their superstitions aside and get their freak on by getting discounted tattoo’s and piercings for a killer price on Friday Oct 13.

Talented artists at Skin Deceptions Tattoo Studio located on Overland Road will be offering $20 tattoos and piercings from 11 a.m. to 11p.m. on Oct. 13. Every tattoo or piercing you purchase will enter you into a raffle for a $100 tattoo gift certificate.

In the past, many students have participated in the event at various tattoo studios.

“I participated in the Friday the 13th tattoo/piercing deals my sophomore year. It appealed to me because I’m a broke college kid ballin’ on a college budget. So when I saw that something was only $13 the cheapness sparked my interest,” Senior Kylee Webster said.

“I was debating getting a flash tattoo but I decided if I’m getting something permanent on me I’d rather pick it out myself then pick it off of a piece of paper. Plus, a $13 permanent investment doesn’t seem like a good one for me personally. Instead I opted for the piercing and got my cartilage pierced,” Webster said.

Photo courtesy of Skin Deceptions Tattoo Studio’s Facebook page.

Webster explained that although the parlor was crowded, the service was fantastic.

“Overall it was a fun experience. 10 out of 10, would recommend,” Webster said.

In the past, there have been multiple Boise businesses taking part in this event. Previous participating company, Devotion Tattoo Studio, had their final Friday the 13th special last year after participating for over 5 years.

“People were taking advantage of the service, and treating our employees poorly, we ultimately decided that this past year would be our final year,” an employee who asked to remain nameless said.

Senior Baylee P. got tattooed her freshman year at Devotion Tattoo Studio.

“I went just to watch my brother get a tattoo, and then I ended up getting matching tattoos with him. I wouldn’t do it again, just because it was super irrational and I didn’t think about it for a long period of time,” Bailey said.

For those unfamiliar with Friday the 13th tattoo specials, be aware that the designs are limited to what the artists have provided in their stock flash tattoos.

They will not be posting the designs on social media or sending them out. If you choose to attend this event, make sure to treat your artists well, tips are generously accepted and encouraged.  All tattoos and piercings will be offered to those over 18 or with parental consent.


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