Intramural sports providing much more to freshmen students than expected

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Cameron Gray

Intramural sports have become a fast growing community within Boise State University.

Although it is mainly seen as an activity mainly focused around exercise and fun, it is much more than that. It is a very effective way to let release some stress from school and meet new people that you would not have met otherwise.

Sophia Rathor, freshman and entrepreneurial management major, can attribute to intramural sports being much more than a simple sports activity.

“Yes! Intramural sports helped me meet new people,” said Rathor. “At first I didn’t know my entire team, but now we are all good friends and will probably play together in the future.”

Students have many different reasons for joining the intramural community ranging from simply having fun, to meeting new people, to having something to do outside of school. Others join intramural sports because they miss the aspect of competing within competitive sports.

Aiden Chisholm, freshman and geoscience major, joined intramural soccer because of his love for competitive sports.

“I played lacrosse and golf in high school so I miss playing competitive sports and this was a way for me to play again,” said Chisholm.

The slogan around Boise State’s campus is “Get Involved”. Everywhere you look, you’re bound to see it posted somewhere. Get involved can stem from being involved in clubs, intramural sports, just about anything you can think of within the Boise State community.

Intramural sports are an extremely effective way to get involved around campus, not only for one year, but many years to come.

Jaelyn Aquino, freshman and finance and marketing major, agrees that intramural sports helped her get involved tremendously.

“Yes, intramural sports helped me get involved,” Aquino said. “It helped me meet a lot of new people in a fun way. I definitely am going to play next year.”

Intramural sports also seem to be extremely helpful for freshman during their first year in college. It helps them with the transition from high school to college and branching out when it comes to meeting new people they would not have met otherwise.

Matthew Hineline, freshman and business and economics major, could not agree more.

“I think intramural sports are a very important part for freshmen to be able to expand their interests in college…,” said Hineline. “For me personally, I met some new friends who I would not have met otherwise.”

Intramural sports are providing much more to freshmen students than expected.

Although intramural sports are an easy way to have fun and stay in shape, it helps freshmen with the transition from high school to college by partaking in a close knit community and gain friendships that may last a lifetime.


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