In your corner: What to expect next from your ASBSU team

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“What’s next?”

It’s the question of the season. Two little words powerful enough to send a graduating senior into panic around the dinner table over winter break. While most respond with facial expressions of pure shock—sometimes even terror—perhaps I’m of the rare breed generally OK with responding, “I’m not sure, but I guess we’ll find out.” I find the question of “what’s next?” excites me for the very reason that those words hold so much promise.

With little under four months left to fulfill the goals and platform ideas I and my team members set forth for our ASBSU executive team this year, “what’s next?” seems to be a question ever-present on my mind.

As of today, we’ve raised $4,235 for our food cupboard PonyUp campaign with five days left to reach our goal of $5,000. These funds will help us to lay the foundation for a lasting legacy at Boise State: the first-ever, on-campus network of food cupboards. These cupboards will enable students across campus to reach their full potential on full stomachs. We are currently in the process of re-structuring our Student Activity Fee Advisory Board (SAFAB), which infuses student voice, not only the Executive Budget Committee, but also at the level of the State Board of Education in the Spring 2018 semester. With this restructure we hope to extend our reach beyond simply student fees to enable student voice to be heard when discussions on tuition and fee increases arrive. Every month, our team hosts Leadership Luncheons to connect key members of Administrative and Student Affairs teams with student leaders on campus, helping to bridge the divide between what students really need and what educators on campus think they need.

In the spring, thanks to the work of our Student Government Relations Officer, Hayden Rogers, we will host our first-ever Town Hall, connecting state candidates running for election with students on our campus and will begin to work towards securing a rotating student seat on the State Board of Education. As the year continues, our Secretary of Community Relations, Austin Henderson, is eager to continue building a relationship of trust and respect with the Inclusive Excellence Student Council (IESC) in hopes of soldifying a lasting relationship for years to come. The work of our Ethics Officer, Ben Kizer, will help future ASBSU executive teams to act with more integrity and more foresight when making decisions that affect 24,000 students on campus. Our Secretary of Student Organizations, Veronica Camargo, continues to diligently work towards intentionally stream-lining the ASBSU Grant Hearing process so more students have access to funds to make their big ideas a reality. Garrett Pederson (Secretary of Academic Affairs), Emily Rembert (Secretary of Communications) and Haydn Bryan (Chief of Staff) will each lead Student Assembly efforts to improve mental health and personal well-being in the realm of the classroom and the campus community.

Our work is nowhere near complete. By the end of my own term, I still want to implement a way for student leaders to access their administrators more easily, create a sustainable and lasting sexual assault prevention and consent education training for all students and make our campus more compost-friendly.

“What’s next?” It’s time for us to finalize the work we set out to do in the spring of 2017 and look forward to creating a strategic plan for future ASBSU executive teams so that all students can thrive as Boise State Broncos.


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