In your corner: ASBSU’s upcoming partnerships and events

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Last week “In Your Corner” reported on the number of students who voted in the 2017 Spring election for student officers, alluding to the lack of student voice present at our institution. This week, in partnership with Living Learning communities across campus, The President’s Office and The School of Public Service, ASBSU will lead efforts to enhance student voice on Tuesday, Sept. 26 for National Voter Registration Day.

“(It’s) an empowering opportunity for students to realize their potential to engage with the political process,” said Hayden Rogers, the Student Government Relations Officer for ASBSU.

Sienna George is this year’s ASBSU president. Photo courtesy of ASBSU.

Last year, Boise State’s Center for Idaho History and Politics led “a semester-long series of events (meant to) examine political courage and civil discourse to enhance the common good” (Patriotic Choices)  including a “Brown Bag” speaker series, and debate-viewing events. This year, ASBSU will partner with educators and administrators from The President’s Office, The School of Public Service and The Honors College to reimagine how it encourages students to be more politically aware, and civically engaged in campus, local, and national elections. This programming, created by University President, Bob Kustra, hopes to fulfill Boise State’s commitment to its students to provide access points to knowledge and experiences that cultivate their development as engaged citizens.

On Tuesday, Sept. 26 from 11 p.m. to 2 p.m. outside of the SUB, the Associated Students of Boise State will host “Voting is Easy as Pie,” a National Voter Registration Day event to enhance student accessibility to political engagement. Students will not only receive a slice of pie when they register to vote, but also have the opportunity to practice voting in the Ada County Clerk’s mobile voting trailer and acquire information about how to vote via an absentee ballot. The hope is that students recognize the importance of their voice on-campus and at a state and national level. These efforts are all part of the University’s initiative to redesign civic engagement efforts on-campus.

“National Voter Registration Day is an indispensable event when it comes to recognizing and encouraging civic engagement,” said Justin Vaughn, the director for The Center for Idaho History and Politics. “Although voting is not the only way Americans can participate, it is the most common one, and anything that helps students not only become eligible to vote but better understand how to do it and why it is important is exceptionally valuable.”


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