In your corner: ASBSU president to give insight into weekly endeavors

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While Boise State is home to over 22,000 college students, in 2017, only little more than 1,700 of those students voted in their student government elections. While my Vice President, Gabe Payne and I ran on the platform that, “students are our greatest asset,” perhaps there is more work to be done in helping to bridge the divide between the student voice and the student leaders elected to represent this voice. I am hoping this column can serve as the initial foundation for that relationship.

Every month, as Student Body President I have the opportunity to hold a seat at a wide assortment of meetings that address topics of student activity fee allocation, course content, new programs and initiatives and, discuss university infrastructural changes that affect students directly. We work alongside some of the University’s brightest hearts and minds, acting as a mouthpiece for the student voice.

Sienna George is this year’s ASBSU president. Photo courtesy of ASBSU.

However, as one might imagine, this is not without its challenges. Representing the voice of over 22,000 students requires diligence, grit, empathy and a willingness to embrace and correct my many mistakes along the way. However, my job would be impossible without every single Boise State Bronco, and as such, I feel it is only fair I share my learnings, insights and work with you all as openly as possible.

In the coming semester, “In Your Corner” will serve as a place for readers to learn more about the work I do, as well as the many people that affect change on students’ behalf here at Boise State. You can expect to read about the meetings I attend, the educators and administrators that exist on campus to back your voice and support you on campus– and from time to time– read my thoughts on events taking place on a national scale that also affect the events taking place on our own campus.

This column is intentionally crafted to read more like a conversation for the purpose of starting conversations, generating solutions together and learning about all the ways that students can engage and leave a lasting legacy at Boise State. I hope you’ll join me.


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