Hungry Idahoans clear the table with Boise food challenges  

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Food challenges are a craze that have swept across the American restaurant industry. These challenges push the average food lover to the limits. Whether it’s devouring heaping quantities of food or searing your taste buds with overwhelming spice, these challenges allow hungry people to step up to the plate and see what they’re made off. Here in Boise, there are many different restaurants that offer these challenges. There are two challenges so daunting that even the avid food lover is scared to attempt them.

Rockies Diner, located on West Overland Road, has a challenge that puts these foodies to the test. The “Johnny B. Goode Burger Challenge” is something rare in both quantity and quality. The challenge involves a one 4.5 pound  burger topped with three quarter pound patties, one hot dog, pastrami, chili cheese, onions, lettuce and tomatoes, and that’s only the burger. Contestants must also finish a 1.5 pound plate of chili cheese fries and a 16 ounce milkshake of their choosing.

“Supposedly, a cook made the meal and claimed another cook couldn’t finish the entire thing, which created the challenge,” said Dan, manager at Rockies Diner.

This behemoth of a meal must be completed in under 30 minutes or the challenge is failed. The prize includes a free meal, a t-shirt and a Fender Guitar.

Rockies Diner has offered this challenge for about 20 years for anyone who seeks to finish this hefty meal. Rockies Diner is not the only restaurant that serves up a challenge of this scale. Big Juds, located on Protest Road, has three different food challenges. There are three different burgers, each on their own level of difficulty, leading up to the MvF Burger.

Photos of the "Double Big Jud Club" Wall of Fame.

Photos of the “Double Big Jud Club” Wall of Fame. Photo by Kyle McCroskey.

The first level, the one pound challenge, involves a single pound burger, large fries or tater tots and a 32 ounce drink. The second level takes it one step further, adding an extra pound to the burger. The rules of both levels are generally the same: all the food must be consumed within 30 minutes. Once conquered, both challenges will grant the victorious person a picture on “The Wall of Fame” and, if you finish the 2 pound burger, you eat for free.

“The hardest part was eating the entire thing. The sides and drink really made it hard,” said senior Cale Brendlen. “I felt accomplished, but way too full. I’ll definitely try the other one someday.”

Brendlen finished the one pound challenge at Big Juds during his sophomore year. On top of serving food to the people of Boise for years, both Big Juds and Rockies Diner offer staggering Burger-oriented challenges waiting to be defeated by any hungry human.


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