Hot takes: Boise State can continue to win with Henderson under center


The Broncos easily took down the New Mexico Lobos in a 42-9 victory last Saturday. Boise State’s offense was led by quarterback Jaylon Henderson, who was impressive in his start as a Bronco. 

10 games into the season, the Broncos gave the fans the game they had been looking for- a blowout. It came against a New Mexico team that has yet to win a conference game, but the win was still meaningful and presented takeaways: Henderson can lead the Broncos to victory, the defense could struggle against the Aggies and Khalil Shakir needs the ball. 

Here are my hot takes. 

The Broncos will still win with their third-string quarterback under center at Utah State

Henderson showed out on senior night. He finished the game going 15-28 for 292 yards and had three touchdowns with only one interception. Henderson came out hot, leading the Broncos to 28 points in the first quarter. Henderson’s first three drives ended in touchdowns. He connected with seven different receivers and had a couple of impressive first-down runs.  

The Broncos’ win came against the Lobos, who have carried a bad record all season. It is not certain who will be under center for the Broncos when they take on the Aggies, but if it is Henderson, they should be fine. The Aggies are a better team than the Lobos, but Henderson should be able to secure his second win as a starter. Henderson led the offense almost perfectly, and he was on the same page as his receivers all night. 

This type of play should translate to Utah. 

Injuries could hold the Broncos back

I am confident in Henderson, but I am not confident in a defense that has lost two playmakers in the last two games. Safety DeAndre Pierce went down against the Wyoming Cowboys, and STUD Curtis Weaver left the game against the Lobos. Pierce and Weaver are two of the Broncos’ biggest defensive assets and it would be nice to have them at Utah State — one of the top teams in the Mountain West. The Aggies are 5-1 in conference, but not as strong as they have been in previous seasons. 

Injuries have been a problem for the Broncos thus far, arguably losing them the game against BYU. Hopefully, this game plays out differently than BYU. There is a spot in the Mountain West Championship on the line for the Broncos, and that should be plenty of motivation for the backups who will be stepping up. 

If Khalil Shakir has a good game, so will the offense

Shakir can now add a touchdown pass to his highlight reel after the New Mexico game. Shakir has the ability to make a play out of every pass, and he has shown that he can run a good route. The Broncos have struggled this season when Shakir is not getting touches; he had only had one catch in the Broncos’ loss to BYU. 

The Broncos and Henderson, or whoever is starting at quarterback, need to ensure that Shakir is getting the ball. Utah State has a dynamic defense, and Shakir needs to have a good night to ensure a win.  


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