Groove on over to Vocal Jazz Solo Night


An annual tradition that aims to share the talent of Boise State’s  jazz musicians, as they will once again be taking the stage.

Saturday, March 11, Boise State’s Vocal Jazz Ensemble will be having its Solo Night at 5 p.m. in the Lookout Room in the SUB.

Quinn Van Paepeghem, director of the Vocal Jazz Ensemble, described the event as unique, as the music is entirely produced by the students.

“Jazz is a dish best served live,” Van Paepeghem said. “It’s unique to show up to a concert of jazz music that is completely live, especially in today’s age, but that’s what we’re doing.”

The group’s 17 student-singers will be performing pieces from “The American Songbook,” a collection of some of the most early, influential American songs and jazz standards, as well as newer jazz material with differing styles.

Sophomore music education major David Le will be performing a Latin Groove tune, “You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To” by legendary American composer and songwriter Cole Porter.

“Solo Night is going to be a nice, casual evening of great music,” said Le. “Each singer gets the chance to show off their unique style and voice.”

Whether it be a slow, sultry ballad or a laid back swing tune, Solo Night is going to be an opportunity for people of all ages to delve into one of the earlier, forgotten forms of music that helped define America as we know it today.

Though Solo Night is held annually, the officers of BSU Vocal Jazz decided to spice things up this time around by creating a new, less-formal atmosphere.

“This year, we decided to make it more fun and realistic for everyone, so we turned it into a dinner and a show,” said anthropology graduate student Kayla Downs. “Most jazz is performed in restaurants and other venues as background music, so we’ll be serving dinner to create a casual environment.”

Admission to Vocal Jazz Solo Night is free with a Boise State Student ID or $5 at the door.

“Supporting live music is important, and there really isn’t any other event that features so many different, great singers and musicians in one night,” Le said.


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