Goodbyes from graduating staff members

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Darby Ebeling, Copy Editor 

It sounds like a newsroom should; editors debate and fact check, make puns and graphics requests. It buzzes. I think. Usually my headphones are in, as I have been blessed to be the resident music columnist this semester and as a result have spent a lot of office hours researching. I will miss the friendly chair prods that pulled me into the office cacophony just when things were getting especially hilarious, or when someone found a particularly fascinating video online.

Working at The Arbiter has been incredibly enlightening. I have been taught the art of the narrative lead—thank you, Brandon. I have learned that a chicken sandwich and fries costs exactly $5.55—coincidentally, it takes about 5 hours and 55 minutes for the oily, thick smell of that lunch to vacate the office. I have been challenged to become more meticulous about AP Style—thank you, Patty—and I have seen what it means to consistently out-perform yourself—you’re incredible, Sam!

It will be hard to beat weekly discussions about the peculiarities of school mascots—Evan, I’m sure someday Cardinal will be pluralized. I am so grateful, however, to have had the opportunity to research these intricate details, learning reporting techniques from all of my wonderful workmates along the way.

Thank you homies—workmates and readers—for contributing to intellectual rigor and freedom by being a part of this wonderful facet of campus.

As a goodbye, I would like to remind everyone that there is not, never has been and presumably never will be an apostrophe in “Albertsons”.

Samantha Harting, News Editor 

Over the last two years, the Student Media Office—or Educational Access Center as many thought—became my second home. My co-workers grew to be my closest friends, enough so, I’m now writing a sappy goodbye note about them.

All of my co-workers have a special place in my heart, which made coming to the office a great part of my day. Whether it be convincing myself not to kidnap Max’s dogs,  talking to Darby about politics and good tuneage or having impromptu improv sessions with Patty and Brandon, there was never a dull moment. I also loved getting cookies with Jared from the beloved Norma, talking to Freddy Mercury about Kenny Miller and witnessing Jacob laugh at infomercials.

I’m sure Taylor will miss my awkward dance moves and I’ll miss Evan calling me Hillary when I wore my “pant suit,” the look Sierra would give me when I tried to be cool talking about K-Dot and the puns we’d all create. The ever-so-talented Ted and Nancy won’t miss my late graphic requests, and I am glad to set them free of that burden.

The random, weird memories are endless, and I’m thankful for every one of them.

All of my co-workers are incredibly intelligent, charismatic and thoughtful in their own beautiful way, and I have no doubt college is only the beginning of their successful paths through the world.

A career as a journalist may not currently have a bright career outlook, but I’m grateful I was able to be part of a group determined to provide the community with well-written content. I can only hope the next group to work in the office has the experience I was fortunate enough to have.

Thank you all for putting up with my constant weirdness.

I love you all.
Love, Grandma Sam.

Evan Werner, Sports & Rec Editor

My experience with The Arbiter has been amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction into my career path in media and reporting.

Throughout my senior year, not only was I able to benefit from the hands-on experience, such as reporting on football games from the Stueckle Sky Center, I was able to meet amazing people that are interested and passionate about the same things I am.

On top of being able to better my writing, I was able to gain experience editing others’ work, as well as managing a small group—forming a close-knit group of sports nuts.

I couldn’t have asked to work with a better staff; they made every day of work entertaining and gave me an extra purpose to come to work.

From Editor-in-Chief, Patty Bowen, to digital content, to everyone in between, my time as sports and rec editor was truly a blast. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with to not only build my own portfolio, but to give a voice to the students of Boise State.

While we did have a lot of fun, I believe we did our best to be a great weekly paper for Boise State.

In the end, The Arbiter has given me experience that will last me a lifetime and will set me up for great success. I can’t wait to see what The Arbiter has in-store for the future.


About Author

Patricia Bowen is a creative writing student extraordinaire at Boise State University. Her unpaid internship experience is immense and includes a summer internship with Semilla Nueva, The Cabin, Boise Weekly and a semester internship with The Ahsahta Press. Currently Patricia works as Managing Editor for the Arbiter. While she continues into her junior year of college she plans to write more poetry about the spider infestation in her room and drink too much coffee.

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