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The Arbiter and Boise State Student Media provides many opportunities for students to get involved.  From writing to designing, videography to radio DJ, accounting to sales and marketing, there are many ways to get involved with Student Media. No experience is required and we are always looking for new staff members.

Boise State Student Media is primarily a student run organization.  For any paid position,  you must be a current Boise State student in good standing and taking at least 6 credits in order to apply.

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Sports & Rec Editor

News Reporter

Students can apply for all paid positions on BroncoJobs.

The Arbiter also offers students upper division credit to write articles for The Arbiter. Students who are interested in the 119/319 Communications class can contact Seth Ashley at

Students can also volunteer for The Arbiter. For more information about volunteering, or any opportunity with Student Media, please contact us at