How The Arbiter works:

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The Arbiter is composed of two sections: paid editorial staff members and “staff writers” that are enrolled in the Boise State Media Activities class. We also take guest author submissions from students and community members.

The Arbiter Editorial Staff consists of student editors, reporters, graphic designers, and digital content producers that are solely responsible for writing articles, creating digital media, assembling The Arbiter’s physical print newspapers, and managing all other daily operations.

The Arbiter’s staff writers are sourced from the Media Activities: The Arbiter (MEDIA 119/319) class that is taught by Carissa Wolf. Students who enroll in this course learn how to be a journalist, including story pitching, Associated Press writing style, contacting and quoting sources, interviewing skills, and all other ins and outs of a typical professional newsroom. 

How you can get involved:

MEDIA 119/319 is available for all Boise State students to enroll in, but is a featured elective course for Media Arts majors and Integrated Media and Strategic Communications majors. Students enrolled in this course are expected to have a regular turnover of articles that are edited and published by The Arbiter editorial staff. 

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Taya Thornton | The Arbiter