Garage Art contest returns to Boise State

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After a one-year hiatus, the Garage Art Contest is back at Boise State. The winning art from the previous contest can be seen adorning the locations in the Lincoln Street and Brady Street Garages, until May when this year’s winners are put on display.

Alex Lange, who graduated last May with a BFA, is the administrative assistant for the Department of Public Safety and coordinator of the project. Lange that although Boise State has roughly 800 students in its art program, students do not need to be art majors to participate.

According to Lange, prints are made of the submissions that are selected and the program is open to all artistic mediums. Last year’s pieces were chosen from between 30 and 40 submissions.

“From those, we chose 14 submissions, and they’re from a variety of different practices—so we had digital art, drawing, painting,  printmaking, ceramic and sculpture,” Lange said.

She also noted in the future they intend to include metal works and photography.

Lange also received assistance from Michelle Railsback, manager of Communications and Special Projects for the campus Operations division.

“I was just basically helping her with the communications of the project—getting the word out to folks that the contest is starting and we’re ready for submissions,” Railsback said.

The winning art for this year’s contest will remain up for the rest of the May 2018., The contest is annual every year a new set of prints will be displayed starting in May, after the pieces are selected by a panel.

Lange pointed out being selected to have your artwork displayed by the panel can have long-term benefits for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the arts.

“We consider what’s in our garages exhibition space, so that way (the artists) are able to put in their resume, ‘I was shown in an exhibition.’ It’s really a great stepping stone for those applicants who are professional artists,” said Lange, who is an artist herself and has had her pieces displayed at Ming Studios in Boise as well as exhibitions in Illinois and Georgia.

Guidelines for submissions are open ended. According to Lange, there is no existing policy on what the artwork must depict, as long as it meets Boise State’s criteria of what is appropriate out of consideration for wide audience that uses the stairwells.

If students are interested in submitting their work, the deadline to do so is April 6. Submissions must be at least 300 pixels per square inch and must be either 36” long or 36” across to fit the metal frames they’ll be displayed in.  Studentsm must also include two sentences describing the content of the work with their submission which will appear with it in its final display. Applicants are restricted to a total of four submissions and the submissions can be emailed to


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