From Bronco to Seahawk

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Alexander Mattison isn’t the only Bronco that will be going into the NFL this year. Football and spirit squad trainer Noah Dorr will be joining the Seattle Seahawks next season as one of their athletic trainers. On Jan. 24, Dorr announced on social media that he will be graduating with a master’s degree in May and will start interning as an athletic trainer for the Seahawks.

As a local Idahoan, Dorr grew up in Coeur d’Alene. After high school, he decided to take a year off to work and then started school at North Idaho College. There he met the head athletic trainer Randy Boswell, which is how he started in athletic training.

After North Idaho College, he transferred to Eastern Washington University for two years, which eventually set him up with a position at Boise State. Dorr’s master’s degree will be in athletic leadership, which he said has helped him throughout his time here.

“In that program, it’s a lot of self-reflection and figuring out what kind of leader you are, so I think that’s one thing that’s helped me,” Dorr said. “I think I’m a better leader now than when I came in with my leadership style and the way I approach things.”

On his first day, he walked into the training room thinking he would just be working with football but was immediately told he had another team on his hands. What started out as a coin flip would determine Dorr’s future for the next two years. One side decided that he would work with football and the spirit squad, and the other side would be football and men’s tennis.

Dorr originally had no clue what the spirit squad even was and was introduced to the head coach, Kassondra Landry, that day. Over his time with the spirit squad, Dorr has shown up to practices and performances, and he even traveled all the way to Florida for Nationals with the cheer team in January 2019. He also plans to travel with the mane line dance team to Florida in April for their nationals.

“Noah always has a positive attitude and is someone who brings a great energy into practices,” said cheer team junior Sarah Kilfoy. “When he first came in, he was terrified of watching us stunt and now he’s a total cheer dad.”

On the other side of the coin flip was Dorr’s colleague, John Fleck, who works with football as well as men’s tennis. After graduating from Penn State, Fleck moved to Boise and has been working alongside Dorr for the past two years.

“It has been something,” Fleck said. “He and I kind of compliment each other very well. The strengths he has are a lot of my weaknesses and I feel like some of the strengths that I have are some of his weaknesses.”

After his time at Boise State, Fleck plans to move back to the East Coast and potentially get a job working with another collegiate team. However, he said he will miss all of the fun times he and Dorr have shared.

“There’s never a boring day at work,” Fleck said. “(Dorr) and I have been a really good team and kind of figure things out together and on top of that, a lot of excitement. There’s never really a dull moment when he’s around.”

David Stricklin, the head trainer of the Seahawks, went to school with many of the people Dorr works with now. After he applied, Dorr’s connections at Boise State helped him get an interview and eventually get hired.

Compared to college football, training an NFL team comes with a lot more pressure and responsibility. Not only will Dorr get to work amongst famous athletes, but he will also get to travel with the team to away games.

“The experience is what I’m looking forward to the most,” Dorr said. “It’s going to be a completely different thing and it’s a professional organization.”

Not only has Dorr’s work helped many athletes recover and get back on the field, but his fun personality and kindness have impacted every athlete he works with. The athletes and coworkers he has impacted wish him well and appreciate everything he has done for their programs.


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