Former broncos prepare to live out their dreams in the NFL

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With the NFL draft coming up on April 25-27, former Boise State athletes are training hard mentally and physically to make one last impression on NFL teams and scouts.

With their future in football on the line, past Broncos, STUD Jabril Frazier and wide receivers AJ Richardson and Sean Modster, shared what they expect from the NFL and life after Boise State.

Life after Boise

After graduation, students have plenty of choices to make, such as pursuing their career or continuing their education, or, in some cases, playing professional sports. No matter what, there will be change.

“I had to take on more responsibility for the success I wanted to achieve. That goes from setting goals that I planned to work out to everyday, creating relationships that positively impact my life as I go through this process and most of all, getting closer with God,” Modster said. “Life has become more of a routine for me that I like follow every day. I believe that what I am doing is going to get me ready for the opportunity that is soon to come.”

Frazier and Richardson felt an urge to grow up and were able to reflect on the opportunities Boise gave them.

“Boise State was a good place to go to school. It’s pretty easy to stay out of trouble there, if you don’t you’re gonna get in a lot of trouble and everyone’s gonna hear,” Richardson said. “Boise’s a good place to mature.”

Preparation for the NFL draft

Frazier, Richardson and Modster got their final chance to perform in front of NFL scouts at Boise’s Pro Day on April 2. Frazier didn’t get the chance run the 40-yard dash because he was recovering from a twisted hamstring, but all three athletes were able to put up solid numbers in different areas.

“I feel great about my pro day. (I am) definitely more thankful than anything that I was able to put aside three months of my life to train my body to (be in) tip top shape for pro day and see good times and numbers. It was a solid day,” Modster said. “Being able to be around my guys again was a great feeling and one I appreciate.”

Richardson, who ran an unofficial 4.58 in the 40, was pleased with his results and said he believes everyone else was pleased as well.

“I’ve been preparing a lot physically. I mean, if you get that call, you’re gonna start at mini camp right away, and you have to be ready for that,” Richardson said.

Transitioning into a professional football player and waiting to see if a team will give you a shot comes with a lot of mental pressure, so it’s beneficial to prepare on the physical and mental side.

“This process is a lot to take in and to do every day. So, I believe if my mentality is right and I see progress in the simplest ways, I will go about my days and be productive with a purpose, I (will) get more and more confident,” Modster said.

Dreams to reality

One thing these three athletes have in common is their long-time dream playing in the NFL. With this dream possibly becoming a reality soon, they have a lot to be excited about.

“I wouldn’t mind going back home to the Rams in L.A. I’ve been talking a lot to the Packers. It’s almost like they are recruiting you, I mean you don’t know if their going to pick you, but just talking to them is cool,” Frazier said. “I can see myself playing for them, you know, the ‘cheese heads.’”

With only a few weeks to go, Richardson and Modster may have talked to teams as well, but they will be happy wherever they end up.

“I just want to be in it for any team, it doesn’t matter (who). It’ll be a blessing to play for anyone of these 32 teams,” Richardson said.

As for the transition from a college stage to professional stage, the players know there will  be some big changes, such as the speed of the game. But, they are ready for the task.

“My life will change drastically… Though I will definitely be watching Boise State football because I am part of a proud football alumni that I will always be a Bronco and will love supporting on my brothers,” Modster said.


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