First Broncos of Color Mix and Mingle to take place Friday

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A social event called Broncos of Color Mix and Mingle will take place Friday, Sept. 8, in the Simplot Ballroom of the SUB. The event was created by Director of Student Diversity and Inclusion Francisco Salinas and the Student Diversity Center in collaboration with the Inclusive Excellence Council. The event is open to all students and is a step towards creating a community for students of color, according to Salinas.

“It’s basically a dance. There will be lights, music and refreshments,” Salinas said. “I wanted to get the Inclusive Excellence Council involved, so they are the DJs. They will select music and talk with the crowd.”

Salinas explained the event is the first of its kind, and any member of the student body is welcome.

“The event is aimed at Broncos of color but, like with any event we do, anyone can walk in,” Salinas said. “Everything we do is for collective benefit, and we will be happy hosts to whoever shows up.”

Senior sociology major and McNair Scholar Fructoso Basaldua is attending the event.

“I think it’s going to be fun,” Basaldua said. “But I am most excited for the social connections. I want to meet people of color that I may not have met yet, and this forms a community.”

Basaldua continued to say the goal of the event is to reach out to all students and form a community of like-minded and experienced individuals.

“Anyone that is interested in meeting students or supporting the growth of community, the retention and success of underrepresented minorities should attend,” Salinas said.

Jana Hockersmith, a member of the Inclusive Excellence Council, hopes to see students creating friendships and a network of people, as well as learning about resources on campus available to them.

Hockersmith explained there is no emphasis on one group or another. The council is also creating a playlist for all cultures, with different languages and styles of music.

“This event reflects on the university taking more initiatives to support students of color and marginalized identity,” Basaldua said. “It’s a step in the right direction that should’ve happened a while ago, but I am glad it’s happening now.”

Further information on the event can be found on the Broncos of Color Mix and Mingle Facebook event page.


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