Mistreatment of Boise State Excellence Bell leads to its removal

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In 2015, Boise State’s Campus Master Plan introduced a movement that would uproot a piece of the university’s history that had been untouched since 1984: removing the Excellence Bell. On July 20, 2017, the service request to implement this procedure was submitted, and within the next two weeks, the Excellence Bell was removed.

According to Drew Alexander, capital planner for Boise State University, the bell was removed in order to revamp the area with a new structure–one that would prevent any mistreatment of the bell.

Nestled between the Student Union Building, the Communications Building, and the tennis courts, the bell has been a token monument for campus over the past three decades. With the passing of time, though, the Excellence Bell endured blatant misuse, a detail that contributed to its removal.

“The goal for this project is the creation of an impressive structure that uses campus architecture and prevents mistreatment of the bell,” said Alexander.

What once was a small rock platform that bolstered the bell will become a 20 ft. monument with four pillars of brick and sandstone, each helping to support the bell, which will be placed on top. Improvements to the pathways near the structure are also slated for construction.

The completion of this project is estimated to be in 2018, and the area will remain unused up until that point.



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