Erykane Art tattoo event raises money for WCA through “Nevertheless, She Persisted”

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Erykane Art—a tattoo shop located on Vista Avenue—hosted a Nevertheless, She Persisted tattoo event this Saturday, April 1 to raise money for the Women’s and Children’s Alliance (WCA). They offered 100 different $50 tattoo designs along with partnering business products including Nevertheless She Persisted candles from Lit and Co. Candles, a Sibbz Nevertheless, She Persisted longboard, vouchers to European Wax Center and more.

“Nevertheless, She Persisted” was a phrase that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell used to justify silencing Senator Elizabeth Warren on Feb. 7, while she was reading a letter to protest the nomination of Jeff Sessions for U.S. Attorney General. Since then, women from all around the U.S. have taken ownership of the phrase and turned it to a motto to empower women. Many clothing and merchandise brands have used the phrase, including companies and platforms like Reebok, Etsy and Teespring.

“I’ve always wanted to do something that helps people find strength and move on with any hardships they were going through,” said Eryka Jensen, Erykane Art owner and tattoo artist. “This one was a really powerful message for me personally, so I wanted to be behind it.”

Half of every $50 tattoo and voucher purchase was donated to the WCA as well as money from raffle tickets. According Jensen, the event raised $3,800 for the Women’s and Children’s Alliance and was better attended than she expected.

“The message of strength is really powerful, and we are all here for each other,” Jensen said. “It’s important to me that we were able to help people through tattoos.”

Janay Moran, a cosmetology student at Paul Mitchell, saw the phrase as a push for equality.

“Especially being a woman of color, I feel like you do really have to push to get equality,” Moran said. “Women of color still aren’t as represented as white women are, so we’re really pushing to make sure that we are known—we’re here, pay attention to us, we aren’t going to stop,” Moran said

Danielle Dyer, a cosmetology student at Paul Mitchell, chose to get her first tattoo at this event.

“I’m a pretty hardcore feminist, so this feels like a good option for me,” Dyer said.

Madina Khodjanyazova, a Boise State sophomore graphic design major, wanted a tattoo because she appreciated the message of the event.

“The phrase means to me never giving up even though you are going through a lot of hardships in your life,” Khodjanyazova said. “This school year in particular, I was having trouble keeping on track. I’ve had a lot of points where I wanted to give up, but I decided to persist instead.”

Pictures and videos from the event  can be found on the She Persisted: A Boise Tattoo Event Facebook page, and more information about the tattoo shop can be found at the Erykane Art Facebook page.

“We are kind of a different tattoo shop; a lot of people think tattoo shops can be scary and intimidating,” Jensen said. “We are in this to help people and give people a positive experience. I want people to know if they ever need a tattoo, we are happy to give them a friendly safe space to get tattooed, and they are always welcome at our shop.”


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  1. What an awesome way to support your community. $3800 raised! That’s outstanding. Thanks for making a difference in the World.

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