Correction: Boise State Hockey Club’s Coach Cal Ingraham

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A statement written by the board of the Boise State Hockey Club was sent to The Arbiter on Sunday, Feb. 12 regarding an article published in our last issue, titled “Boise State Hockey Club ends season early.” We reported information that we received in an interview with Michael Wallingford, president of the Boise State Hockey Club, that there had been some problems with the Boise State Hockey Club’s coach, Cal Ingraham.

“(Ingraham’s) son is getting a little older and he plays hockey as well. I think the focus is more going towards (his son) because he’s traveling a lot more now. It’s been kind of tough this past year for Cal to be split between traveling with us and not with his son to go watch him play,” Wallingford said in an interview on Monday, Feb. 6.

The Arbiter will continue to investigate the information surrounding the end of the Boise State Hockey Club’s 2016-2017 season and publish our findings online or in our next print issue.  

The Boise State Hockey Club is ending the remaining competitions for the 2016-2017 Season, and will be focusing on the upcoming season and future of the program. Recent statements have mentioned that this decision was in relation to “some problems with the team and coach”, but it was, in fact, based on a Boise State Administration decision following violations of the Student Code of Ethics through Club Sports. There were no issues with Coach Cal Ingraham as was recently reported in the Arbiter. The Boise State Hockey Club wants to clarify that there is absolutely no truth to any ‘issues’ as erroneously indicated regarding Coach Cal in a recent uncorroborated press report.

– Board of the Boise State Hockey Club


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