Column: Put love aside and go to the men’s basketball game on Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air (don’t breathe it in, I wouldn’t trust teenage hormones), and tomorrow is the day that businesses­­, I mean people in love, enjoy celebrating: Valentine’s Day. Tomorrow is the day that couples, families, friends and people waiting until Friday to break up with their partner will go out and celebrate true love. I URGE you to stop what you’re doing. It really isn’t worth it. Give up love this Valentine’s Day, at least traditional love. You should be spending your Wednesday at Taco Bell Arena watching Boise State’s Men’s Basketball team take on Nevada in what will be the biggest regular season game of the year for the Mountain West.

Ball is life. Another part of life is avoiding the voices in the back of your head that tell you nobody will ever love you. This game is likely to be sold out and the arena will be filled with nervous energy. It’s the type of energy that will make it easy to forget about your creeping midterms or the underlying racism found within your Tinder swipes. Boise State’s team has won in dramatic fashion many times this season. We’ve already seen multiple overtime wins and buzzer beaters from what some would say is the best basketball team Boise State has had since Leon Rice took over as head coach. While I’m on the topic, a person who deserves your love is Rice. This dude has rode a horse through campus just to get people to come and watch his players. What has your loved one done for you recently that shows that much dedication?

Push the flowers and chocolates to the side. The only sweet thing you need in your life is Chandler Hutchinson’s (Boise State’s leading player) moves. If you were as smooth in real life as he is on the court, you may not have found yourself in this position to begin with, but it’s best to not think about these things. Instead, think about the fact that you’re watching an NBA talent in his final season before he leaves Boise for the big leagues. The NBA will be checking Hutchinson out as he is averaging 20 points per game and is currently predicted to be a first round draft pick with some sources expecting him to go within the first 15 picks.

This will be an exciting game between the two strongest teams in the Mountain West, both with over 20 wins each set to battle it out with conference standings on the line. If basketball isn’t your thing, however, there are other upsides to finding yourself at the game. Love may not be easy to find, but the taco vendor is. If tacos aren’t love, then I’m really not sure what is. You could argue that burritos are more like love because the tortilla is hugging the ingredients. If you’re a soulless atheist who doesn’t like tacos, maybe actual love will respark your dying flame.

All jokes aside, love is a beautiful thing that makes life worth living. Without love I would probably be panhandling for gold somewhere. Regardless of what you plan to do this Valentine’s Day, ranging from hanging with your significant other to having some “me” time, you should know that you’re loved. There are people in your life that would do anything for you and think you’re an amazing person. Sometimes those people aren’t your lover, but they mean a whole damn lot. Let’s enjoy them this Valentine’s Day, too. In short, go to the dang game.


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