Club hockey President Eric Pinsky brings expertise to team


Growing up, Boise State senior Eric Pinsky participated in other sports leagues such as baseball and lacrosse, but in the end, hockey was the game he decided to pursue. Currently in his third and final season playing for the club hockey team, Pinsky has developed into a key member and leader for the team on and off the ice.

Before the hockey forward decided to come to Boise from his hometown of San Jose, Calif., Pinsky’s hockey journey began when he was just a toddler.

Coming from a hockey-loving family, Pinsky was constantly surrounded by a shared passion for the sport. As a kid, he often attended San Jose Sharks games.

“I ran around with a hockey stick since I could walk,” Pinsky said. “I first started skating when I was two years old and started playing when I was four years old, and I have just loved the game of hockey ever since.”

When Pinsky first came to Boise State, he had no intentions of playing hockey. After playing in youth and junior leagues, Pinsky suffered many injuries that kept him away from the game for consecutive seasons, causing him to be hesitant to continue playing. 

After hearing a lot of good news regarding the Boise State club hockey team from people around campus, Pinsky finally decided to try out in the fall semester of his sophomore year. Each year since, he has gained new friendships that have played a significant role in why he has continued to play for the last three years. One of those friendships is with fellow forward Mike Carranza.

Carranza, the club hockey team treasurer, is also currently playing in his third season and has high praise for Pinsky’s growth as an overall player and his role in the organization.

“I have played with [Pinsky] for a little over two years now and he’s definitely my favorite person to play with,” Carranza said. “He is definitely a key part of our success and in growing this organization over the past few years.”

After Pinsky spent most of his freshman year focusing on school, he immediately made a positive impact in his first official season with the club the following year. He has continuously made a name for himself throughout his Boise State career, becoming one of the most talented players on the ice, as well as being a key mentor for the younger players on the team. So far this season, Pinsky leads the team in total points scored, tallying 18 goals and 10 assists.

Due to his overall growth as a player and role-model, Pinsky was just recently promoted to team president and alternate captain by his head coach, Lloyd Ayers.

“Since I’ve known him, [Pinsky] has always been a fantastic hockey player,” Ayers said. “Each year, he brings his experience and expertise to the incoming players and organizes the returnees before the season begins.”

Being 14 games into his final season on the club hockey team, Pinsky also holds a key position for the Idaho Steelheads minor league hockey team. He is putting his hockey knowledge to the test in his third season as the Steelheads video coach.

Being a hockey team’s video coach is a position that not many people are aware of, but according to Pinsky, he holds many responsibilities that are sometimes taken for granted but are extremely helpful for the Steelheads coaching staff.

“My main job is to help the coaches prep,” Pinsky said. “During the game, I’ll break down film, for intermissions I’ll help them with opponent tendencies and make adjustments and during the week I’ll help pre-scout on whoever we’re playing.”

Pinsky plans to graduate this upcoming spring with a degree in media arts and an emphasis in media production. After he graduates, he aspires to work for a professional hockey team’s media department as a video coach or broadcaster.

For now, Pinsky is looking forward to spending his final season playing the sport he has loved his entire life with some of his best friends. Even after he graduates, he will look back on all the memories he has made playing for the Boise State club hockey team with a smile.

“Playing for this club made me fall in love with hockey again and that’s been good for me,” Pinsky said. “Being around these guys six months out of the year, you can’t really take it for granted because we are such a tight-knit group. The guys are awesome; we’re a family.”


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